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I think he's missing the point


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  • I think he's missing the point


    Let me just highlight this brain surgeon's final words:

    "I didn't behave in the way the coaching staff has instructed us to," Tucker said. "I accept Coach Alvarez's suspension and I want to apologize to my teammates and coaches for causing this distraction."

    How about 'What I did was wrong, I shouldn't have done it and I want to apologize to the person I injured and the police I fought with'?

    What an ***.
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    Let me just highlight this brain surgeon's final words:
    He's a football player! What were you expecting? I'd be really surprised if he wrote that statement himself ... if he did, I bet his draft was more along the lines of:

    "My ma and pa tol me 2 alway fat 4 honor n the koachin stuff say no that not nice. The koach is mean n suspendet me 4 bein like my parents tat me. I wan 2 apalajiaz 2 my teamates + koaches 4 causin this their distrakshun."

    PS -- who the hell names a bar "Kollege Klub?" I'd like to "klub" them with a "Spelling for Idiots" book ...

    PSS -- this guy should also, at the very least (and especially if the charges are dropped so that the school's football team can win), be forced to pay compensation for the police car window, damage to the bar, and any medical deductibles that the injured parties had to pay (or the full medical cost if no insurance).

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      Gets off the subject...stupid football players...but the spelling of the Kollege Klub made me think of this. We had a Lieutenant in charge of Communications who came up with the idea of putting a "K" behind the unit number when you needed dispatch to write something down. Say, for instance, you were going to run a traffic stop's drivers license & you wanted to let them know that they would have to write something down...you would call in to dispatch with your unit number as "250-K". I asked him, why the letter "K"? His reply: It stands for "Copy". I said, "Copy" starts with the letter "C". He said, no, it was the same as Kwik Kopy (a printing place in town). I just shook my head & walked away. These cutesy business names, song titles, & band names are killing our grammar.


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        i sometimes get people asking me why i use the word "thru" instead of "through" sometimes. i guess it boils down to me, as a musician, using MIDI electronic instruments with labels that say IN/OUT/THRU, so i guess it's just an old habit.
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