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    Does anyone out there know if a job with the state capitol police is worthwhile, or do they just sit around and write tickets all day? I am looking into applying, I just wanted to know if anyone had some knowledge about the force. Thanks.
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    I have no specific knowledge about the PA Capitol Police, but I do know a few MA State Troopers who are assigned to 1 Ashburton Place, which is right next to the State House.

    To a man, they all hate it. They are basically reduced to armed security, and spend most of their time (at least the day & first-half shifts) accomadating political hacks.

    You see, the MA State Police haven't been assigned to the State House in many years, since they decided to enforce the parking laws on Beacon Hill. That got a lot of hacks/wives/etc. a lot of parking tickets, so the hacks in the Legislature voted out the state police, and voted in the unarmed, no lawful authority, MDC Park Rangers, even though the State House has no connection with the former MDC.
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      I can't comment on the PA State Capitol Police, but I know several officers that are Wisconsin Capitol Police. They are charged with protection and security of all state-owned government buildings. Most of their officers are in Madison, but they have a few in Milwaukee and I think some at a couple of other locations in the state. They also recently absorbed the Wisconsin State Fair Park Police, which was only a couple of FT officers and some PTers.

      On one hand, they do a lot of building security. The ones I know are always complaining about having to spend a goodly amount of their shifts rattling doors.

      On the other, they have statewide jurisdiction and can patrol a good portion of the city of Madison, just because they have so many state buildings in the area. They serve as back up to a lot of other officers.

      On a side note, there's a good chance the WCP will soon become a bureau of the State Patrol. WI has no State Police organization because of the strong network of county sheriffs' offices.
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        The VA capitol has jusridiction on all govt property in Richmond, and a radius of 300 feet outside of any govt property. This made it wierd on a homicide last year. The guy was killed in Chesterfield (my dept), by his fellow drug gang people who operated in Richmond, and dumped in the parking lot of a govt office. There was a very big jurisdiction situation going on. The PA capitol Police operate in pretty much the same way. Either only on govt property, or govt property and a certain radius outside of the govt property.


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          A good job

          The Pennsylvania State Capitol Police is a great department to work for in my opinion.

          I have worked for them for about 6 years now, and I have no plans to go elsewhere.

          The pay is not nearly up to par with other nearby agencies, but the people you work for, and with, are great people.

          It is true, that due to the nature of our jurisdiction, we have many mundane tasks to complete on a daily basis. However, once those tasks are complete the amount of police involvement you get into here is totally up to you. We have guys here that seem to make some sort of physical arrest every time they get in a car. So how much "police work" you do is really up to you.

          Our state buildings are spread out all over the state which gives us quite a large jurisdiction compared to most municipalities. We also do quite a bit of backup work for Harrisburg City police.

          We are a Pennsylvania State Accredited agency and by the end of July 2007, we will be Internationally Accredited through CALEA as well.
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            Thank you very much for the info. I am fresh out of college, 24 years old and training currently for my Act 120 full time. I am also single, so I have no family obligation to fill. Currently, I am testing at a few police departments just outside of Philadelphia, and I have sent in an application for Federal Police in Arlington, VA. The PA Capitol Police is another option I have considered. I am just looking to take anything that comes my way. I need to get my life started so I can begin making some money and enjoying myself a little bit. I would prefer to stay in the Philadelphia area preferably, but I am not locking myself out of other options. Thanks again for the help and advice.
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