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Is Trick or Treat cancelled for you this year?


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  • Is Trick or Treat cancelled for you this year?

    I was just wondering if in the wake of the attacks on our nation and the constant uncertainty felt by many Americans, are you going to allow your children to participate in Trick or Treat this year? The municipalities in my surrounding area have not cancelled this event, but the borough I work in is sponsoring a bonfire/party as an alternative. I don't have children, but if I did, I think we'd only be doing relatives this year.

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    This is the mentality that the terorist were trying to acheive. By stopping us from doing our normal routine and enjoying ourselfs as we did before the attack it shows them that they were successful in their attacks. Going out of our way to stop what we normally would be doing is showing them that we are scared and that they have made a victory in their attacks. I can tell you this They still have people here in the states who are relaying info back to their leaders so that the fall out from the whole situation can be maintained. They are hoping the festivities around any holiday is interupted and we do not go about things as we once did. There is a lot to be said as to making sure we are safe and that we are taking added precautions but to stop being who we are is not right in any way. That is my take on all of this.

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      Well, at 25, David won't dress up anymore! lol Bur, if I had one of age, yes, they would go out. I am extremely concerend about all this but I refuse to give up the way I live for Bin Laden or Hussein.


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        My kids are still going out for Halloween, but they're limited in where they can go, as they have been in the past anyway.

        My kids do their street, and then I usually take them to their cousin's house where they hang out for the rest of the evening.


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          I know where you two are coming from (Mitzi/Klar) I feel the same way, we don't want to give them the victory, nor will we. The biggest thing that concerns me is these nutty copycats that may see an opportunity to be distructive.

          I hope everyone's children have a fun and safe trick or trick!


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            With the safety of my two princesses in mind, we will not be doing the old fashioned version of tick-or-treating. Trick-or-treating is risk this year that I am not willing to take. We will find an alternative this year.


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              I don't celebrate Halloween per say as I have a bit of a problem with the occult laden theme. However our church has an excellent Harvest Hoedown for the area kids that we will be taking part in. Kids can still get dressed up but there are no witches, ghosts or other spooky stuff. I don't want my kids to feel left out but then again they're only 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 and its not really an issue yet. The scary ads on TV and in stores are bothering them enough. My next door neighbor goes all out with decorations and it unnerves my kids whenever we drive into the driveway. My eldest hangs onto my pantleg cause of the "yucky" stuff.

              Now before you all flame on me for being a religious nut...yada..yada...yada. I'm not trying to impose my beliefs on you just stating what my family is doing Oct.31.


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                I don't have any children, nor will I be trick or treating myself but.......

                I don't see why we should treat this any year any different from the rest as far as Halloween goes. As others have said, the terrorism was meant to disrupt or lives and I for one will not let them do that. Ever since 9/11 I have lived my life as I have every day. I will concede that I am more aware of things going on in the world, but being an LEO I have always be cautious and carefull. This years Halloween will be no different to me other than I will actually be off for a change and able to hand out candy.
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