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    Back in the '70s, when I was in, the MPs did everything. Some of them worked as base police, guarding gates, traffic enforcement, etc. Some were in field units where their job was traffic control points for convoys, guarding higher echolon field HQs, guarding POWs. It all depended on what they got assigned to. Back then, I'm pretty sure they went to the US Army MP school for training.

    One humorous (or sad) thing I remember about MCB Camp Pendleton MPs: It seems they Commanding General was afraid the MPs would use their sidearms inappropiately (they still carried .45s). So the pistol was carried with an empty chamber and the hammer was safety-wired. Break the safetywire and you had a lot of explaining to do.
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      Their mission is constantly evolving. That's what an MP friend emailed me about this topic. He siad MP means MultiPurpose, and that means that they get assigned to do whatever the command needs done.

      From personal experience...

      Do they patrol? If you mean like uniformed patrol in a city PD, yes. However, when I was at Camp Lejeune (Nov '87 til Mar '92) they only had about 4 or 5 units to do this with and Lejeune is a big place. They had MPs on all 3 gates 24/7 also.

      From talking to a couple of people at PMO, they seemed to spend most of their time handling domestic problems in base housing, and DUI/DWI drivers on the base.

      During Desert Storm they handled tactical movements. IOW, they managed convoys and traffic. I even got a speeding ticket over there. They also were responsible for the POWs we encountered. We would segregate the officers, and place them under guards and turn them over to the division's MPs.

      Also, the division band (Yes band, like musicians) are the division CP guard force. MPs handle security and the Provost Marshall oversees the duties of the guard force.

      Hope this helps.
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        Being a current MP at Quantico I think I can answer your question.

        Someone said MP stands for Multipurpose....This is MP's in a nutshell.

        We stand gate, patrol, answer calls, write tickets, provide escorts, and investigate crimes, just like any other agency. But unlike other civilian agencies we also must keep up with our Marine Corps duties, such as rifle range, swim qual, gas chamber, and physical fitness.....which are mostly accomplished on our time off. If you want more info PM me.
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