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Now, correct me if I'm wrong...


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  • Now, correct me if I'm wrong...

    AMHERST — Amherst College students were stunned moments after a pro-America rally involving more than 100 people ended yesterday when several protesters emerged from the crowd to set fire to a U.S. flag.

    As the sounds of "God Bless America" continued through the public address system in front of the Keefe Campus Center, as many as 10 demonstrators doused two flags with lighter fluid and set them on fire.

    Five members of the group then spread a larger flag on the ground and stood on it while chanting "This flag doesn't represent me; this flag doesn't represent us."

    The crowd of more than 100 people, mostly Amherst College students who moments before rallied around the flag, stood in stunned silence as the same flag was desecrated.

    "This is really upsetting to me," said Christopher Palacios, a sophomore from Miami.

    Palacios, who said his parents fled Cuba in the 1960s to escape Fidel Castro, said, "It makes me sick when American kids say the American flag scares them."

    The pro-America rally yesterday was organized by a new student group called Amherst Assembly for Patriotism.

    The group formed in response to peace rallies at each of the Five Colleges in recent weeks as well as the controversial decision by the town of Amherst to limit flag displays downtown.

    "Amherst is 25 square miles surrounded by reality," said Theodore Hertzberg, a sophomore from Long Island. "I'm relieved the rest of the country does not feel the same way."

    The crowd had just finished a group recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and was beginning to disperse when as many as 10 protesters came forward.

    Most of those protesting the flag declined to be interviewed.

    One who did, 19-year-old Dan Griffin of Minneapolis, Minn., said the protest sought to show that the United States is responsible for much of the pain and suffering in the world.

    The United States has helped continue a spree of genocide that dates back to Columbus in 1492, he said.

    "How people take it is how they take it," he said.

    Griffin identified himself as a student but declined to say at which college. He said the others are from different area colleges but would not say which.

    Hampshire College officials confirmed a student named Dan Griffin is registered.

    The University of Massachusetts records show a Daniel Griffin was enrolled but he withdrew at the start of the semester.

    Michael Flood, co-founder of the Amherst Assembly for Patriotism, said he found the actions of the protesters to be inappropriate, especially since he suspects none of them are from Amherst College.

    "I believe they have a right to burn the flag, but this is inappropriate," he said.

    Sophomore Nick Echelbarger from Seattle said the burning was free speech of the lowest form.

    "It doesn't make a point. It's just poor taste," he said.


    But, uhhhh... the United States isn't quite that old, is it?
    Only two things are infinite-the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not so sure about the universe. -Albert Einstein

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    omg, lololol
    No partner is worth your tears -
    the one that is won't make you cry. - Anonymous

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      He must have slept through American History. What a dumb ***!


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        LOL! I've heard some good ones but that takes the cake! LOL! People like that should be burned witht he flag. When I think of all the wondeful people who lost thir lives at the WTC, I'd like to take a bullwhip to someone like him.


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          If he's blaming Columbus, he'd better burn the Spanish flag too.

          I like the line "25 miles surrounded by reality"


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            The goofy little sh**s oughta come over here for a while and learn just what freedom is. After the events of Sept. 11, I had total strangers stop me on the street in Pristina to express their sorrow and condolences about what happened. I gave a couple of flag patches to folks here I've gotten to know, and the first thing they do is kiss what to them is a symbol of their freedom from oppression and just flat arbitrary murder under Milosevic. Comfy little middle-class jerks oughta learn what it is to live without basic freedoms before they go dissing the society that gave them those freedoms.
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