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NYPD Badges to go into space


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  • NYPD Badges to go into space

    See the following link:

    Shields Of All NYPD Officers Lost Sept. 11 To Be Flown On Endeavour
    By Todd Halvorson
    Cape Canaveral Bureau Chief
    posted: 02:33 pm ET
    19 October 2001

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – The shields of all 23 New York City police officers killed in the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center complex will be carried into space and back aboard shuttle Endeavour in late November. Among them: the badge of Sgt. Timothy Roy, 36, who was on his way to turn in his retirement papers but instead responded to the scene after two hijacked airliners crashed into the twin 110-story World Trade Center towers.

    "When the call came over the radio, (and) the tragedy at the World Trade Center was occurring, he didn’t think twice. He proceeded immediately to the World Trade Center and into the building to try and save lives, and gave his life," said NYPD Detective Michael Jermyn.

    "These shields are the shields of true American heroes."

    In a moving ceremony at NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C., this week, Jermyn presented the shields to agency administrator Daniel Goldin along with an American flag that were recovered from the rubble at "ground zero."

    The tattered flag "was recovered the day after the tragedy, torn and kind of wrapped around a flagpole, but still waving," Jermyn said.

    The 23 shields, meanwhile, also include the badge of Detective Joseph Vigiano, 32, a member of the NYPD’s elite emergency services unit, which is considered the top unit in the department.

    "There’s a saying within the NYPD: When a citizen gets in trouble, they call the cops. When a cop gets in trouble, they call the emergency service," Jermyn said. Wounded three times in the line of duty, Vigiano was killed along at the World Trade Center complex along with his brother John, 32, one of 343 New York City firefighters who also died trying to rescue victims of the terrorist attacks.

    The flag and the shields were handed over to NASA astronaut Jeff Ashby, who was tasked with making certain that they are loaded aboard Endeavour prior to its planned launch to the International Space Station.

    "I promise you that we will guard these carefully as we lift them to the highest place of honor and carry them around the Earth on the International Space Station," Ashby told Jermyn. "Thank you for entrusting us with this very precious cargo."

    Set for launch Nov. 29, Endeavour also will carry 6,000 small U.S. flags that will be distributed to the families of those killed in the airliner attacks, which toppled the two New York skyscrapers, damaged the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and resulted in a plane crash in Pennsylvania.

    In addition, a flag that was flying over the Pentagon that day will be flown aboard Endeavour along with mementoes from New York City firehouses and the Pennsylvania crash.

    Four astronauts aboard Endeavour will be ferrying a new crew to the international station and then returning to Earth with its current tenants. The shuttle is due back on Earth Dec. 10.

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    Oh wow, this really hit my heart. Tears are flowing. So many wonderful people were killed that day. While people were rushing to get out, police officers and firefighters we rushing IN to help others.
    How very brave they were. I just want to thank each and every cop here. I think you are all the bravest people on this earth along with firefighters.
    When my son was a cocky teenager, he hated cops and would really give them a hard time when he got a ticket. He said his views changed after I told him something.
    I told him that those cops were giving him a ticket to make him slow down and safeguard other people on the road. But, I also added that the very cop he was giving trouble and holding in contempt is the same person that would put his/her life on the line to save him if he was in trouble.
    I have a neice and 2 nephews who are cops. I am so proud of them. They are so dedicated to their jobs, as every cop and firefighter that died in the senseless tragedy in New York.
    Mitzi<--------in tears

    [ 10-20-2001: Message edited by: Mitzi ]


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      Sounds thoughtful, but if one of my relatives was an officer killed in the bombings, I would rather have their shield to remember them by than having it floating somewhere in space. I also recall that one of the officers' mothers gave President Bush his shield, which he had with him during his first speech. I wonder if he gave it to NASA to be sent up to space.


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