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Cell Phone Issue Presented Untainted with Liberal Propaganda


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  • Cell Phone Issue Presented Untainted with Liberal Propaganda

    I think this article, which was copied from Rush Limbaugh's website (, along with the supporting factual statistics will put to rest a lot of misinformation being propagated by liberal democrats. Read and make your own decision.

    "Traffic Stats You Should Know"

    "We had a passionate and animated discussion on Tuesday's show about cell phone use in cars. The New York ban on hand held phones while driving really stirred people up on both sides of the debate. Our discussion was so intense that I was swarmed with hundreds of e-mails during the program. And in the piles, ah-ha, there was proof from our crack research staff, mounds of proof that cell phone usage isn't nearly as dangerous as the government is claiming.

    For instance, North Carolina's Highway Safety Research Center revealed that only 1.5% of traffic accidents were caused by drivers distracted by cell phones. Car radios are eight times as deadly as your cell phone. Uh oh, I wonder how long it'll be before listening to this program while driving will be a threat and then banned too?

    According to a federal analysis of 1997 crash data by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, cell phones were a factor in only 57 deaths in 1997, even though there were 100 million cell phone users around the country. Drunk driving, by contrast, killed approximately 16,000 people a year, according to MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving in 1997. I know that's 1997, but just hang in there.

    Research provided by such divergent sources as the Libertarian Party, The San Francisco Chronicle and The Washington Post, suggests that the days of the drive-thru could also be numbered. Chomping a burger, munching fries, chugging a soda, or even sipping that Starbucks double cappuccino leads to more traffic accidents than the ubiquitous wireless phones, according to some of these studies. Oh and those CD's, forget about it.

    And something else to think about, ladies and gentlemen. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of vehicular accidents in 1999 per 100 million miles traveled was down 2% from 1998's level. The number of pedestrians killed was down 10% from the 1998 level. Total number of fatalities were down 73% from the 1966 level. In other words, it's getting better out there, not worse. It's not getting more dangerous or risky, it's getting better! Now, if cell phone use in automobiles is way up and accidents and fatalities are way down, could we perhaps conclude that cell phone usage is beneficial to automobile safety?

    If the government still has you scared silly on the dangers of cell phones in cars, check out the links below. I've got all kinds of graphs, charts, studies and stats

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    Ditto. The up-and-coming Communists in New York must be real proud of themselves with this stupid law. They quote studies and opinions from doctors, but when are doctors experts on traffic matters? How many highway patrol officers or state troopers (and I mean the grunts, not brass know-nothings) were invited to testify? The fact is, people who crash while talking on cell phones would crash anyway. What needs to be done is repeal a few volumes of laws, not keep choking us further.


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      Driver distraction is defiantly a major problem. It's amazing how many people are completely zoned-out and behind the wheel. I agree though, that if it's not cell phones its going to be another device or visual distraction.

      Vbrenner, looks like we live in the same county. Enjoying the weather?

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        m*m GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU! uh, er, I mean good to hear from you! Sorry about the shout

        As usual, Limbaugh is probably correct in what he is saying here. If he wasn't such an egotistical ah never mind!

        Anyway, it's just another "quick fix" to a problem that won't have a quick fix. But it gets some politicians name in front of the public for a bit.

        I used to have an open mind - but my brains kept falling out.

        6P1 (retired)
        6P1 (retired)


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          There's nothing more irritating then being on the freeway near a driver who is going slower than the traffic flow and impeding traffic all because of cell phone chit chat!

          I for one would be glad if they were banned or at least limited to emergency use only while driving. I don't care what the statistics may show, I think the drivers are distracted and dangerous. I've seen enough instances out here to back up my views.

          And NO, I do not put make-up on while I am driving!

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            Adam, the weather here is great. Unfortunately I'm stuck in Salinas all week at FTO school, windy there. Do you go to Cabrillo?


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              This cell phone stuff is an example of empty formalism. Something is percieved as a threat to safety and the legislators take overwhelming action to appear as if they are tough. There is very little consideration for how the law and/or punishment will be carried out. It is just another charge to be made in an overburdened court system.
              On the other hand I have seen some people drive like real jerks while using a cell. Forget the ticket, lets just run them off of the road and let them know how it feels.


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                As far as I am concerned, if you REALLY must make a phone call while driving, then pull into a parking lot, turn your car off, and make that all important call.

                Sigh. Some people just can't remember WAY BACK when we didn't have car phones to use for those all important phone calls...

                As for the law...who cares? And as for Rush, once again, who cares?




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                  I really hate to say this but Rush may have a point here. While there have been many a day when I have wanted to do a P.I.T. manuever on some schmuck yapping away on a cell phone while blindly running afoul of our traffic laws, I have seen just as many drivers channel surfing or popping a cd in the radio, women putting make up on and one idiot reading a newspaper while driving down the road (I cited him for careless driving). I really dont see the need to criminalize cell phone use while driving, if someone is not obeying traffic laws while talking on a cell phone as an officer I can issue them a citation for whatever traffic law they violated. Although I will admit there have been days where I wished it was illegal.

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                    I love Rush and usually agree with most things he says but I will have to disagree here.. How many people are going to admit that they were talking on a cell phone and were distrcted when they are in a crash? There is no way to accurately gauge the amount of crashes caused by inattentive drivers on cell phones.


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                      My mind escapes me at the moment as to the exact town this happened in, but in Pennsylvania last year, a 4 year old girl was killed in a car crash in which the driver of the striking vehicle admitted to missing the stop sign because he was on his cell phone.
                      That's one death too many, for me, that can be attributed to a cell phone. All the arguements in the world about other distractions cannot convince me otherwise...those distractions are also illegal, under Careless Driving laws.
                      If banning in-hand cell phones while driving will keep one mother from losing her child like that, then I say ban them. Just my opinion.

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                      "The streets of Philadelphia are's the people that make them unsafe"---Frank Rizzo


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                        FL added a box on the crash report forms now for driver distration (of course they had to print all new forms)

                        "if you REALLY must make a phone call while driving, then pull into a parking lot, turn your car off, and make that all important call."

                        Obviously, your current position doesn't require you to make a lot of calls, but some people do have to make calls (even if they don't want to).

                        I do have a question though.......why do you say to shut the car off?

                        Where am I to go now that I've gone too far.


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                          All hail another knee jerk reaction law. In Nevada at least we all ready have a statute called, Failure to pay full attention to driving. It covers all the above scenarios. Why out law something that has become as common for most folks as opposable thumbs when we can regulate the behavior instead. Sound kind of like a gun control argument?


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                            As to the 'If it'll just save one life' mantra, what a load of crap.


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                              Originally posted by vbrenner:
                              Adam, the weather here is great. Unfortunately I'm stuck in Salinas all week at FTO school, windy there. Do you go to Cabrillo?
                              Sure do, working on my AA in Criminal Justice. Been there all morning actually.

                              It's only been a day or two of clouds but I'm starting to miss the sun. This weekend was beautiful.


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