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SOB Illinois Gov commutes all death sentences


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  • SOB Illinois Gov commutes all death sentences

    As a hard working cop for the past 30 years, I have never been so outraged. This story just broke. Here is the direct link to the story. Notice the last paragraph and the other references to this Governors dislike of the cops and prosecution.


    This no good POS Governor has been just steps ahead of the US attorney's office for the last three years and I'm sure will be soon be indicted for his million dollar sale of commercial drivers licenses. One was caused by a driver who bought his drivers license and then ended up with the firey death of a family of seven. Killed by guy that not only was not able to safely operate a semi,but could not speak any english and did not under stand warning directed at him by other drivers, but RYAN sold him a DL)

    Now the bastard GOV has commuted the sentences of 167 Illinois death row prisoners. Yesterday he pardoned four death row prioners and let them go free.

    This ******* is anti cop, and anti-prosecutor because he knows they are nipping at his heels. Now he commutes the sentences of CONVICTED COP KILLERS and baby killers. He didn't even wait for any rebuttal testimony. He is just anti death penalty and used this total abuse of lame duck power to nullify the will of the people. He leaves office Monday.

    The evidence was undisputable in numerous cop killer cases including several serial killers that were convicted by eye witness and DNA evidence. One cut a baby out of a womans womb. UNDISPUTED evidence. The news tonight detailed a couple torture deaths all commuted by this bastard.

    I can believe the law allows this corrupt SOB to do this. I hope the US Attorney locks him up in the same cell as one of those child murdering rapist.Hopefully locked up with one that has a pecker the size of a donkey and plays the banjo.

    Now get this....he is being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his stand on the death sentence. Guess who was holding hands with him when he pardoned sentences yesterday ...Jesse (da mouth)Jackson.

    Yes I know I have a problem letting my feelings out. Someday I'll come out of my shell.

    [ 01-11-2003, 06:49 PM: Message edited by: Guard Dog ]
    "The view only changes for the lead dog." ~ Sergeant Preston of The Yukon ~

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    Not only that, he an anti gun SOB too.

    He lets the scum of the earth live, but he refuses to let the good guys protect themselves. Go figure...
    "The American People will never knowingly adopt Socialism. Under the name of "liberalism" they will adopt every segment of the socialist program,until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened."

    Norman Thomas


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      I've been hearing this.

      I knew about the OL scam from "Nightline" or one of the news shows.

      It was SO obvious he was crooked it made me sick

      NOW, I've been hearing about this for 2 days.

      Why the FU*K didn't he have a problem with the death penalty during the years he was governor? He could have done this ANYTIME during his service as governor, but he waited to the last week. This is just vindictiveness hidden as a "humanitarian" ploy to garner some love from the liberals. Reminds me of Saddam giving all the prisoners a pardon a few weeks ago.

      Ryan and Saddam.

      I heard a sound bite from him about police "torturing" criminals to get confessions

      Yeah...old world Chicago crime is still rampant-look at Ryan! He's the model of it!

      Maybe this jack *** wants to set the criminal justice system up like his DMV system

      A MODEL!
      People have more fun than anybody.


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        I only caught the last part of the news tonight but was there something about 13 on deathrow through DNA were found not to have been responsible for their alledged murder. I just wanted to make sure I got it right. (And no, I am not saying that justifys his actions)


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          I'm afraid the idiot has made a mockery of the crimminal justice system in all of Illinois.

          Perhaps one of those yayhoos he helped to let go will prey on him someday. What goes around, comes around.
          Never make a drummer mad- we beat things for a living!


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            But would he have let John Wayne Gacy live, or even walk?

            That thought scares the hell out of me!!
            Never make a drummer mad- we beat things for a living!


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              Wonderwoman is right but it was three were let go because DNA proved them innocent, OR at least did not leave DNA evidence. Once guy let free it is 99% that he was there but an accomplice left his signature DNA.

              One of the three let go was our own agencies case wherein a man was convicted based upon his own admission. Then three "Outlaws MC" were implicated and admitted they were the ones that actually carried out and committed the murders. He then recanted and based upon the new convictions and ignoring the confession, RYAN pardoned him.

              Now everyone is saying he was wrongly convicted. We always contended that others were involved but he is walking the street and will probably win get mucho bucks based upon the pardon.

              Last night on the news they told about two brother that admitted to a murder in which they cut a baby out of the woman's womb and gave the baby to someone else, plus they killed the other children.

              A gang banger 100% no doubt conviction of an execution style murder of a police officer.

              A woman who tortured and her children over a over and then killed them.

              Several cop killers.

              George RYAN I hope you rot in Hell.

              [ 01-12-2003, 12:51 PM: Message edited by: Guard Dog ]
              "The view only changes for the lead dog." ~ Sergeant Preston of The Yukon ~


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