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Another case of child abuse


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  • Another case of child abuse

    An 11 year old boy was found in my city, in far Northeast Florida, locked in an unairconditioned room. The bruises on his buttocks and legs bought people to tears when they saw him.
    Another resident talked to him from outside the window and determined he was locked in and had been beaten. She immediately called police. He was left with juice and 2 small pieces of cake. He had previoulsy been made to walk through the trailer park in a dress.
    It's just so heartbreaking to know a child has to go theough this kind of h***.
    The officers said he was very polite, very skinny and very bruised and scraped.
    The father said he was locked in there because he had eaten 12 snack cakes and he "wanted to make sure he didn't get into poison". There were hancuffs in the room the boy said had been used previously to lock hin to his closet door.
    When the father and his girlfriend (who had put him in the room that morning) arrived, she ran from the scene. She has a long rap sheet (coacine, battery on apolice officer, probation violation and 2 aggravated battery charges. Sounds like a true mother.....sheesh)
    It's just amazing to me. I would have called police when the child was paraded through the trailer park in a dress. At least someone got enough nerve up to call the police. Neighbors were feeding him when the police arrived.
    At least someone finally did something for the poor child.

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    The g/f has turned herself in. The boy's father is being held on $50, 000 bond. The g/f's bond is $100,000.

    " I love my son withall my heart" dad said in a telephone interview from jail. He also added the only thing he is guilty of is not apying enough attention to his son when he came home from work.



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      Some people just dont deserve to be allowed to produce. It is a shame that the stocks are not still in vogue. The parents should be horse whipped.

      We are the Police! Resistance is Futile!

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        This is what I am talking about, GG. A mother in North Miami had been arrested once for trying to kill her child. First, some roadwokers saw her laying on him on a sidewalk and then they saw her fling him back like she was going to throw him into traffic.
        Even so, she got the child back. A man cleaning the pool in her apartment complex had to jump in to save the child when she was trying to drown him.
        She should never have gotten him back the first time she tried to kill him.


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          I am certainly not claiming it is a perfect system Mitzi. I just think that it is too easy to overlook how overworked the workers in these cases are. Stories are mixed up, witnesses unsure...it is easy to see why some slip through the gaps.

          I am sure that whomever made the call to place that child back in that home is already in their own private hell. I think maybe we should lend a little more support to them perhaps.

          It has to be rough to make those judgement calls and then to also have bosses looking over your shoulder. I don't think I could get into that line of work. Sometimes I think that my worker just liked coming around because he knew it was going to be a judgement call that no one would question was the right thing.

          It is rough for everyone involved...and it is sometimes impossible to tell whether or not the right decision has been reached until it is too late.

          "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."-Voltaire
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            I realize they are overworked but when the system fails, it dows so big time. A friend of mine had to resign his job as an investigator for the district attorney because of one of those failures. He investigated the case of a 4 years old girl that came to school bruised up. He could not get the little girl to tell that the boyfriend was doing it. So, it was decided that social services would check on her every week. The extent of their checking was to call and ask if the child had anymore bruises on her. And yes, she was eventually killed. The mother REFUSED to take her off child support, even tho she was brain dead, because she knew she and her boyfriend were going to be arrested. My friend had to get a court order or something because they were prepared to let her stay on life support forever. My friend took this so hard and still does. I guess it was just the cumulation all he saw in LE and this just pushed him over the edge. I know they can't be perfect but the results are just so tragic when they aren't.

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