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  • Quitting smoking


    Well it's about 3:00am and I have class to attend in the morning. Why am I up so late you might ask? I can't freakin sleep! I'm trying to quit smoking and I haven't had too much trouble until tonight for some reason. Tonight it hit me like a brick wall and it's killing me. I havent had a cigarette since a week ago yesterday.

    I quit about a year ago for three months but started up again and now im giving it another go. Last time I quit I used the patch, this time im trying cold turkey.

    I began smoking at a very young age but I've been wanting to quit for years due to the fact that I want to become a police officer. I've begun working out and trying to get in good shape but have had so much trouble kicking this disgusting, nasty, unhealthy, embarrassing habbit.

    To all you former smokers out there, when does this freakin stop?!? The last time I quit I went three months but still had the craving and started up again. How the hell did you do it? How can a drug like this be legal?

    I walk to class in the mornings and by the time I get there, I'm out of breath. I go to the gym to work out, and I can barely run a mile. I don't want to freakin be like this anymore. How am I supposed to chase down suspects if I cant even walk a half mile without breathing heavy??? I know police work isn't like what you see on COPS but I still think its importiant to be in good shape. It's just so damn hard to quit. I can't even sleep tonight!

    Why do people start smoking? Why did I start smoking? I don't want to live a life of worry that I could die from this nasty habbit. Or live a life knowing that I could be giving myself cancer over something as stupid as smoking cigarettes. I want to quit so bad but how long are these cravings going to last? If I'm having trouble going into the second week, how am I supposed to last a month, a year, the rest of my life? When will it get easier? GRRRRRRR!!!!! Damn you Phillip Morris!

    I appologize to everyone for my ranting, but for some stupid reason this is helping me feel better. To be honest, I do have a few drinks in me due to the frusteration im feeling which isn't healthy either I realize, but I just needed to get this out somewhere. Since nobody around here is awake, I decided to rant and rave on the good ol' O.com message board.

    I guess I just ask all you former smokers out there, how the hell did you do it? Especially being in college, it seems like everyone smokes.

    Anyway, if you've even read this far, thanks for reading my rant. For some reason this made me feel better. Don't really expect too many responses but for all you that have quit before, a few words of wisdom would be nice.

    Thanks for reading, I feel better already.


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    Oh dear, I do empathise there.

    I quit cold turkey on Friday night. I sat up till all hours smoking the last of the evils and still my supply was not exhausted! So I went to bed and the following morning I threw out the rest and hurled myself into domestic chores. By the end of the evening I was craving like nobody's business. I poured a glass of red (BIG mistake) and was at a complete loss with nothing to puff away on

    I started again last night and I could kick myself for it. The sense of failure is overwhelming and I was in floods of frustrated tears. I made the grave error of posting on my forum and the encouragement was great but it set a terrible challenge! I now have to front up and confess all - I thought that by making it public it might shame me into having to keep it up but at the end of the day I wasn't mentally prepared.

    I understand that cold turkey is not always the best start and if patches helped you last time maybe you could try them again. Your mind and body will try thir hardest to get you to pick up that white cancer stick so you need to have a good back up of deterents and little non-smoking aids. There is also a little machine that you can inhale on to get a quick nicotine fix to the back of the throat - not ideal but mostly it is the habit as opposed to the nicotine addiction that is hard to overcome.

    Smoking is an accompanyment to so many things. Telephone chats, Internet, after - meal treat, a beer, god the list is endless and so try having a lollypop or something - its the same hand-to-mouth action and although not nearly as satisfying it will keep you occupied for a while!

    If you fail, thank yourself for trying and set up a new date. Just keep on giving up - its really easy, I've done it hundreds of times


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      Quitting smoking

      Archer I can sympathize you. I have never had a bad problem with smoking until a week and a half ago when I quit. I was an occasional smoker, I only smoked when I went out to the clubs. It then went to the bowling alley and soon I was smoking a pack a week. Yuk, I hate it and could kick my own *** for ever starting. I am very active in sports and working out and noticed a big difference in my stamina so that was it for me,no more! As far as the not sleeping I don't know what to say. I think my body is set to sleep at 2:00a.m. because that is the time I finally get tierd. I hope you stick with it and able to quit because in all honesty who wants to kiss an ashtray? Good luck.


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        Well done cimmy on quitting before you got too addicted. You have my wholehearted admiration and respect. Do you still have the odd craving? Heep up the good work!



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          Of course I still have the craving. All of my friends went out to dinner and then the club Saturday night. I thought it was bad not having one after dinner but, let me tell you it was worse at the club. You know second hand smoke just isn't the same.LOL. I know I still have a way to go though. I was playing tennis with my husband on Friday and I felt like I had asthma. I was out of breath but, not really exhausted. I guess it was a wake-up call. I wish everyone luck on quitting. I know it is hard, I have been smoking on and off for a year now and I can have some mood swings with the best of them.


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            LOL Cimmy! You are doing a great thing though and continued success to you. I too feel a little unfit. I mean I am slim and healthy looking but the health beneath often belies the image eh?



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              I quit 25 years ago after smoking 2 1/2 packs a day for 18 years. I did it through a simple device the sold at the grocery store. It was like a cigarette holder with a water soaked filter inside that caught up all the nicotine. They came in packs of 10 and you changed holders every 10 cigarettes.

              After using it for several months, I had a coughing fit one evening and decided to go cold turkey from that point on. Only then did I discover that the filters had already weaned me off nicotine. I was in physical withdrawal for all of one day. After that, I never had that itching in my lungs that is only satisfied by the gentle wafting of cigarette smoke.

              Interestingly, I also learned about how much cigarettes condition us. For the next three years, each time I was stressed, or wanted to avoid doing something, or finished a meal, I found myself unconsciously reaching into my empty shirt pocket for a cigarette, even though the physical craving was gone. It really got kind of funny.

              What is not funny is the damage I did to myself over those 18 years of smoking. I have since developed asthma and emphysema. While it is not debilitating (yet), it now takes two months to clear my lungs after a chest cold and even then, its only after two courses of steriod treatments by my doctor. As I approach retirement I am disappointed in myself, as I had hoped for a much higher quality of health for my remaining years.
              Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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                Good for you for trying to quit all! Here's me who smokes while jogging (haha, just kidding). I do smoke though and I've found I've still been able to get great results in running fast, far and without being too much out of breath. I know quitting would make it 10 times better for me though. I'm still trying to work on it.

                They say every unsuccessful attempt to quit brings you closer and closer to succeeding in quitting. Keep trying!
                I'll believe that when me $hit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert.


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                  Hey everyone,

                  Thanks for the reply


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                    I can totally sympathize, I have been cig free since July 1. So about 2mon! I promise it will get easier! Find snacks (jerky, licorice, gum etc.) keep a pen or something in your hands at all times. Its when we sit around "loathing: over a cig that the cravings do us in!


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                      I know exactly where you're coming from. I quit 3 years ago for 4 months. It became real hard because everyone at work smoked. I ended up taking a hit and then started smoking again. DUMB.

                      Back in May I deceided to quit again. I had cut it to 2 cigarettes a day until I had a critical incident occur to me. It was so bad that the Sheriff, a non-smoker bought me a pack of cigarettes. (LIKE THAT HELPED)

                      Now I'm working on it again because this girl i'm dating smacks me upside the head everytime she smells cigarette smoke.(THANKS DEAR) My biggest thing now is I think of an incident I chased after a very fast 21 year old. I work at a higher altitude and with the smoking it sucked. I HATE RUNNING ANYWAY. I caught him, but figure I had better quit smoking. Part of the reason is that it costs to damn much and I don't make all that much.

                      So, for all of us who are quitting wish us luck


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                        My wife says if she can quit any of you can quit. She just did it by smoking the last one out of a pack and bought no more. COLD TURKEY no medical help, no patch NOTHING.

                        So if she can do it a police officer certainly can.

                        I have never smoked because I watched what it did to family members etc and never had the desire after ssing the health problems etc.
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                          I recently quit. About a week ago to be exact. I went cold turkey, no patches or gum, and i'm absolutley fine. (although the first 24 hours were hell.)

                          You just have to remember why your'e quitting, and think of the benefits you will receive.


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                            I quit, cold turkey, about 20 years ago. The night I quit, I got ordered for a double shift during a blizzard! I made it, though. The one thing strange that happens, is about once a year or so, I'll have a dream that I started smoking again, and it's so realistic that I wake up wondering why I'm such a dumb *** and started again! It usually take a few second of being awake before I realize it was a dream.
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                              I quit over ten years ago. I found something that really helps and I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to quit. It is a prescription drug call Wellbutrin. It is an anti-depressant that is also used to reduce the cravings. I also started working out to get healthier and had to change the way my mind was thinking. I had to convince myself that others smoking was sickening and gross and make it bother me rather than crave it. It worked! I still cant even smoke a cigar though because you sometimes do have cravings. I was able to get healthy enough to become a mountain bike racer!

                              If you put your mind to it, you can do it! Congratulations on your start...just keep going...it gets easier each day. You will make yourself proud! Plus..think how much longer you will probably live!


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