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The best joke I ever played!


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  • The best joke I ever played!

    One April Fool's Day, I got my son soooooooo good.
    He was 18 and in deep doo-doo because he had gotten 2 speeding tickets in one week.
    I called him from our Fax line and he picked up in his room. I disgused my voice and said, "This is a call from The Jacksonville Police Department. May I speak to David ***** please?"
    He said, "Speaking". I said, "I am a secretary here in the office and am making this call to let you know you were seen speeding yesterday. You were clocked at 20 miles over the speed limit and a ticket will be arriving in the mail." He was dead silent and then said, "How much is this ticket? I just got two speeding tickets!" I told him it was $250 and he almost fainted. I said, "Well, son, slow down out there then" in my normal voice. Then, I heard MOMMMMMMMMMMM! LOL!
    He came out of his bedroom going, WHEW! He said he could only think of having told his Dad and having no skin left on the top of his head! LOL!

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    Many of my friends are ardent gun traders, and often buy guns new, (filling out the Form 4473) and then sell them to a buddy later. You are supposed to keep a detailed record, buuuuuuuttt...

    Some of them like myself have owned literally hundreds of guns over the years, but they're instant cash when you get in a spot, or after buying it because of market hype, or the latest article, or whatever, that it isn't all it's cracked up to be. So it gets sold/traded/bartered, etc.

    I have in the past called friends (or had someone else call, who loved a good joke, and could keep up a straight face, without breaking out laughing) and it goes like this:

    (put on Ivy League professional voice&#8230
    "Hi, Mr. Robinson?"
    "Hi there. I'm Agent Christianson with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms-I'm in the Charlotte Office. I don't know if you've heard of 'Operation Thunderbolt' (or some other made-up name) or not, but we're under orders from the DC office to 'just check out' anyone with more than 25 Form 4473s in their name. I'm going over the computer generated list here…oh…I see you have A LOT more than THAT,…uh, I just need to get with you go over each of these purchases, and either verify you have the weapon, or verify a disposition and bill of sale. I just need to track each of these individually. When would be a good time for us to get together on this?"

    Did you know that you can hear your blood pressure when it drops suddenly????
    People have more fun than anybody.


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      I had a friend play a joke on her husband that she was real sorry for later! lol He came home from work and she heard him calling her name. She hid in the closet and when he opened the door, jumped out at him to scare him. Well, it backfired. He just reacted suddenly, he was so startled, and punched her in the face, thinking she was an intruder. She got a broken nose and black eyes. He just felt TERRIBLE about it. But, she told him it was her fault, he just reacted the way most people do when they think they are threatened.


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