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White Officer joining the Black Officer Association?


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    Niteshift: By using your quote at the beginning of my post was not to say I was directing my entire comment towards yours. And as far as exclusion is concerned, I've never seen where any of these groups mentioned specifically EXCLUDE person's of other races. If that were the case, then I'd feel there is no place for organizations like that in law enforcement also.


    I didn't see this mentioned anywhere in this thread "Other races automatically assume we are picking on them because they are black or brown and were the big bad white cop" Who here said they feel like that??

    Obviously from some of you guys posts, there are some serious race issues in your departments and departments that you know of. And these race-based organizations make the situation worse. Saying that I have no knowledge about this topic is wrong, perhaps we just don't have the same issues here as other areas do. As a member of this board, I don't want to be flamed for my views, but lets face it... we have a long way to go before race relations are no longer an issue in our society. No, I don't want to be treated any different than my white or male counterparts, I want the same opportunities and be expected to perform equally, otherwise I'm not qualified. Unfortunatly (you have to be realistic), every race and gender is not treated equally all the time and that is why our political leaders felt it necessary to take action against discrimination. You wouldn't see many minorities in law enforcement if it weren't for EEOC, and it would not be because of lack of qualified minorities. (Please don't say I took this post somewhere it wasn't going, because it was already taken there)

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      If you quote me, you're either talking to me, about me or using what I said as an example.

      Unless you qualify it otherwise, the norm is that you are addressing the material you are quoting. You didn't qualify anything.

      In the future, you might want to make it clear.

      However, even presuming you were addressing the remark in general, read what you actually quoted. I simply said there shouldn't be a double standard. Period. Do you think there should be a double standard?

      "And as far as exclusion is concerned, I've never seen where any of these groups mentioned specifically EXCLUDE person's of other races."

      And I never said a specific organization did. I said IF they do.......

      It's simple to me. I don't care what group forms their own club, but if it's ok to form a club for women, blacks, hispanics, gays or fat cops, it's ok to form one for only male or white cops and all those other organizations should support them in it.


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        Here's a good example of how these groups help unify law enforcement:

        This is a press release from the NE National Black Police Assoc.:

        April 13th 2001

        Again we are outraged as the news of yet another incident of Police Brutality and Loss of Life spreads across this nation, In the City Of Cincinnati, Ohio an unarmed 19 year old Black Youth named Timothy Thomas fell victim to the violence. After a Police Officer Recognized Mr. Thomas as a person with several outstanding Motor Vehicle Violations a chase ensued culminating in the Death of the Victim.

        As always a fear for the life of the Officer was the given reason for the termination of Mr. Thomas, while a Police Tape of the Incident clearly shows this officer running after the victim, into an alley, are not actions normally associated with fear for one’s personal safety and yet again no weapon was found.

        This is the 14th Black man to die this way in the City of Cincinnati, Ohio, The forth since November 2000, Last night on Night Line City Mayor Charlie Luken stated that there are clearly Racial Problems in his city but did not express any regret, and offered no solutions to the problem.

        The National Black Police Association Northeast Region joins The Grand Council of Guardians in New York, The 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement also in New York and The Black United Front in Cincinnati Collectively Condemns this violence and Asks the Federal Government to vigorously Investigate this phenomenon as to promote a Nationwide Police System that doesn’t extinguish precious young Black Lives.

        Thank you for your Consideration

        President David Daniels III

        National Black Police Association

        Northeast Regional President

        This officer was acquitted of all charges later on.

        Does this sound like healing or hate being promoted?


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          I didn't say that anyone here said that were big bad white cops but that is something we hear a lot from minorities. And there are no minority groups at my dept or female groups. Of course we only have two female cops and one minority but that not due to any racial bias. I live in a community that is at least 80% white. Of the rest probably 15% are hispanic and the rest a smattering of whatever. Plus its largely mormon and by mormon doctorine women can't work outside the home. As such, the testing pool which we must hire from is usually composed of about 99% white males.

          I just think that these groups do nothing but bring out resentment amongst those who get excluded. I remember how angry I was when I tested with Seattle PD in 1996. At the beginning of the video test we were told that the following additions would be added to your score:
          + 5% if your a minority
          + 5% if your female
          + 5% if you live in King County
          + 5% if your a Seattle reserve
          + 5% if you are a veteran

          I was a white male who had just graduated college in a different state so I got none of those bonues. Actually I don't have a problem with them giving hiring preferences to reserves or veterans but I think its ridiculous that a female or minority can be hired ahead of me even if they are less qualified because of some bonus points. Everyone should be hired on merit not some special consideration.


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