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I'm confuse about agencies' hiring practices


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  • I'm confuse about agencies' hiring practices

    I've been in law enforcement for over four years now! During those years, I grew up passionately loving police work. Well, I have applied numerous times for employment with my state highway patrol. Each time I've applied, I'm turned down for the dumbest reason! Not to mention, I have a college degree with numerous awards and advance training in traffic crash investigations. The problem is this: I was arrested 16 years ago, as a juvenile, for grand theft auto. At that time, the judge felt sorry for me and dismissed the charges. Since then, I took charge of my life. I'm now 30 years old and very street smart. Also, I have never experimented illicit drugs;I'm sure others would think so, being from an urban inner city's street.

    Why some agencies are not looking at the totality of a person's life; instead of some person's misguided past childhood's life. In my opinion, I do believe that individuals with those type of street's charisma do make great police officers. If you don't believe me! Look at the L.A.P.D. What are some techniques that I can use for employment with such agency. Is there anyone out there in this same situation?

    Someone Please Help!!! I can't figure out this matter..

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    tell me about it. I had one agency say, "Well, you were arrested for disorderly conduct".

    Ahhh I was 13, and I was adjudicated. That was 17 years ago. Grrrr. don't get me started. I'm not perfect, and don't claim to be. They need to remember, applicants are people too. Just like Cops are people.

    Although..... heh... the numerous speeding tickets don't help.... I just get caught more than others...
    Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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      It may just be the department's policy. I've noticed that the question on the app is normally,"Have you ever been arrested, charged or convicted of a misdemeanor or felony charge?"

      I wish you luck, it sounds like you have turned your life around. Maybe it would help if you were doing some volunteering with your local children and youth agency. That way, this department can see that you not only have changed, but you are willing to make an investment in your community by sharing a very painful part of your life in order to change the lives of kids.


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