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    I heard on another board that California officer and firearms trainer Gabe Suarez, whose excellent books "Tactical Pistol" and "Tactical Shotgun" are on my shelf, was sent to prison recently for a financial crime. Can anyone verify this? Link to a news story?

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    I vaguely remember hearing about him getting into some trouble, but I dont remember the specifics, either way he still knows his business.


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      He was sentenced on a misdemeanor charge about a month ago. He'll be in the local lock up for a few months.

      The LookOut News

      Former Officer Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charges

      By Teresa Rochester

      Sept. 27 -- A former Santa Monica police officer has pleaded guilty to Workers Compensation fraud, money laundering and grand theft and will begin serving a year-long jail sentence for the crimes next week.

      Gabriel Suarez, a decorated 12-year veteran of the SMPD, will report to Los Angeles County Jail to begin serving his sentence on Monday as part of a plea agreement reached last week in Los Angeles County Criminal Court. Saurez, who recently resigned from the force, also was sentenced to five years probation.

      Saurez, his wife Cheryl Suarez and Officer Jason Comer pleaded not guilty in April to charges of conspiracy, Workers Compensation fraud and grand theft. Saurez also faced two additional fraud charges.

      Like her husband, Cheryl Suarez agreed to plea guilty during last Friday's hearing. She was ordered to serve one day in jail and also was sentenced to five years probation.

      Comer's charges were dropped in June, and he remains on paid leave pending the conclusion of an administrative investigation, according to Police Chief James T. Butts Jr.

      As part of the agreement, the charges of conspiracy against the Suarezes were dismissed, as were the two additional counts of Workers Compensation filed against Gabriel Saurez, said DA spokesperson Sandi Gibbons.

      The Saurezes paid a $100 fine and $112, 250.01 in restitution on Friday, according to Deputy Dist. Atty. Ellen St. John.

      Chief Butts said Suarez's plea was a testament to the "hard work, time and effort that the risk management and our criminal division officers have put into this case.

      "The good thing is the City of Santa Monica has received full restitution for all wages that were paid in this fraudulent claim," Butts said. "The jail sentence that was imposed by the judge sent a strong message that this type of misconduct will not be tolerated by the City of Santa Monica,"

      Gabriel Suarez allegedly worked as a gun tactics trainer while receiving Workers Compensation for a slip and fall accident in the SMPD's locker room in 1999. Cheryl Suarez allegedly received payments for work done by her husband through a company she never worked for. The dismissed charges against Comer were based on allegations that he received and disbursed money for Suarez.

      The Saurez case stemmed from a long-term investigation of Workers Compensation fraud within the police department launched late last year by the department, the District Attorneys Office and the State Department of Insurance.

      The investigation also has resulted in charges filed against Officer Richard Robert Brulato, who pleaded not guilty in June to two counts of Workers Compensation Fraud.

      Butts said the investigation is "definitely ongoing.

      "We have other cases we are actively looking at and investigating. Fortunately at this point those cases are few," said Butts adding that they would be vigorously pursued.
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        It saddens me to read this.

        As SpecOps says, he knows his stuff. I went to a 2 day "Close Quartes Pistol" school that was base heavily on his teachings (he is listed in the manual as an influence , and in the bibliography.) It was the best school I've ever been to on the gun.

        This really saddens me.
        People have more fun than anybody.


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          Gabe and I have had a few online interactions and he certainly seems like a good guy to me (I have never met him in person but we have some mutual friends). I am sorry to see him go away for a year, but I understand that his plea was the best he could do against serious evidence that was piled against him as well and his desire to still be able to participate in firearms training in the future (his conviction is for a midemenor offense).
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