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Militia Shooter


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  • Militia Shooter

    I haven't seen this mentioned here in the 24 or so hours since this happened, so I figured I'd put up a link. For those who haven't heard, an officer stopped a militia guy down South for a bad taillight; the militia person opened up on the officer with a rifle before driving away. The officer is apparently OK, the militia guy is still running loose.

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    Glad the officer is okay.

    After reading it though, I hope the media misquoted the officer.

    I generally believe it's a sin to second guess another officer, but if it's in the name of training, and learning from our mistakes, then it has to be.

    I would hope that, in reality, NO officer making an unknown risk stop can make the statement "Getting shot at was the last thing on my mind!" Especially when the vehicle involved in said UR stop was a camoflauge pickup with "Kentucky Militia" painted on the side of it.

    I know the media likes to over dramatize, but I HOPE that is not the mindset of ANY LEO in this country, REGARDLESS of the vehicle/circumstances.
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      Like I keep saying....our home grown nut bars didn't all disappear on Sept. 11th. We'll be hearing plenty from them in the coming months.


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        Dave: if you play the video feed accompanying the article, I believe they have him on tape saying that.


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          Niteshift is right. The homegrown will be back, and eager for media coverage. What was this guy planning with his two "pipe bombs"?

          The location is just over the state line from here, about a 45 min. run. We have similar types.

          The incident underscores that there is no routine traffic stop, trasnport, field interview, welfare check, etc. Each event is a single situation, and it can go south in a heartbeat.

          Stay careful to stay safe out there.
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            We have an article about identifying and dealing with extremisst re-printed on our site that you might find relevant.

            Why extremists are a safety concern.


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