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    This breaks my heart. Last night, in Summerhill, Florida, a 21 month old little girl was found, alive, with her hands tied in front of her and stuffed in a plastic garbage bag. Her grandmother had gotten up to get ready for work and went into check on the child. He daughter was "out with friends" and her boyfriend had been sleeping in the same room as the child! UNREAL! The grandmother heard the child screaming and ran outside as the boyfriend (not the childs father) was trying to get into an SUV with the garbage bag.
    The grandmother pulled him out of the car and ran inside with the baby, who was naked with her hands tied in front of her with her nightshirt.
    Police were called and the baby was taken to Shands hospital.
    To make matters worse, the "mother", who had been out all night, admitted she had come home the night before to gind the child with a diaper stuck in her mouth.
    I hope she NEVER gets the poor precious baby back!

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    [This message has been edited by Mitzi (edited 06-25-2001).]

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    Do you have a newspaper link for this report?

    Also, will you repost the last paragraph of your post? It came out garbled.

    Thanks, Jim Burnes


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      Here's the paper I found it in,

      ...and more specifically,

      This is worse than sad. Like Keaneu Reaves said in Parenthood..."you need a license to own a dog...hell, you even need a license to catch a fish. But, any butt reamin' a**hole can be a father(in this case, parent)." I'd just LOVE to know what is so much more important in her life than her child. Anyway, here's the text on it...

      SUMMERFIELD -- A man was charged with attempted murder and child abuse after police said he stripped a 21-month-old girl, bound her hands with her nightshirt and stuffed her into a trash bag.

      David C. Smith, 23, was in his sport utility vehicle with the girl around 3:30 a.m. Saturday when the girl's grandmother found them, Marion County sheriff's deputies said. The grandmother began looking for the girl after she woke up to go to work and found the toddler's bedroom empty.

      Smith and the girl had been sleeping in the room.

      When the woman went outside to see if the girl walked out the front door, she heard screams coming from the SUV, investigators said. The grandmother told police she walked over and saw Smith tightly holding the plastic garbage bag.

      The woman grabbed Smith, and he let go of the bag as he was pulled out of the vehicle, a police report showed. The woman said she then saw her granddaughter naked with her hands bound in front of her.

      As the grandmother carried the baby inside the house, Smith begged the woman not to call police, claiming he was changing the youngster's diaper, reports showed. Another woman in the home who heard the commotion called 911.

      The toddler was taken to Shands Hospital in Gainesville for treatment and later released. The names of the girl and her family were not released because police said she may have been sexually assaulted.

      Detectives said the girl's mother, who was out with friends when the incident occurred, told them she found Smith and her daughter in a bedroom recently, and the youth had a diaper stuffed in her mouth.

      Smith, who is not the toddler's biological father, was taken to the Marion County Jail and will have his first appearance in court Monday.

      "Never try to teach a pig to wastes your time and it annoys the pig."

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        I am sure they will find some reason from his past that made him do this!!!

        I'd just LOVE to know what is so much more important in her life than her child.

        Yea, I'll be waiting to hear that answer also. As far as I am concerned children are number 1, before your spouse, your mother, your father, etcetera! No contest!


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          This is starting to happen all over. I read a report on Drudge that an Indian woman murdered three of her 4 kids and then killed herself because they were poor. Month or so ago in Dallas, a father separated from his wife shotgunned his two daughters. Of course they were killed and he says he didn't mean it.


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            Jim, I just posted what was in the newspaper article FLawdog posted.
            This is just horrifying to me. How he could do that is so foreign to me. I just thought of that poor helpless baby and cried. How that grandmother didn't kill him, I don't know. And the so-called mother! There ARE no excuses.
            I PRAY that thy will never let this child go home. But, you never know. One child was being horribly abused and they took him away. They let him go back, over his fosters mother pleas not to, and he was killed the same day he went back. He had soiled his pants so the step father kept dipping his head in the toilet. He died of a skull fracture. He was only 2 years old.
            But, of course, the family stood by and used HIS childhood abuse as an excuse. Well, I suffered terrible emotional abuse growing up and I am not an abuser!
            He went to jail for life but that doesn't bring the child back!


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              All I can say is thank God for the grandmother.

              We are the Police! Resistance is Futile!
              "Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open." Sir James Dewar 1842-1923


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                Yes, God was watching over this little baby. I hope Child Protective Services does the same now.


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                  Here's another unfit parent...

                  NORTH MIAMI -- A maintenance man cleaning a swimming pool prevented a woman from drowning her 6-month-old son, police said.

                  Dago Hernandez, 51, was pouring bleach into a pool at a North Miami apartment complex Monday when he heard Elsie Lazare-Louis screaming in Creole. Hernandez said he saw the woman holding her son Daniel under the water with both hands.

                  Hernandez pulled the child out of the water and called 911. The infant was taken to Parkway Regional Medical Center and placed in the care of the state Department of Children & Families, said Detective Kathleen Ruggiero of the North Miami Police Department.

                  Lazare-Louis, 35, was charged with first-degree attempted murder and taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. She was later transported to Miami-Dade County Jail.

                  The woman's two other children, ages 9 and 12, had left earlier Monday morning for summer camp. They will be placed in state custody when they return at the end of the week, Ruggiero said.

                  Police said Lazare-Louis had made prior attempts to kill her child. Three North Miami public works employees saw her lying on top of the baby in the street earlier Monday, Ruggiero said.

                  The workers then saw her grab the child by the arm and swing him over her head, as if to throw him into oncoming traffic, Ruggiero said. They called their dispatcher, who called 911. Lazare-Louis disappeared before police arrived, Ruggiero said.

                  On Saturday, the woman walked into the street with the baby and screamed for a car to hit them, a neighbor told police.

                  Another neighbor said Lazare-Louis told her that her husband had left her.

                  Last week, a Houston mother drowned all five of her children, from 6 months old to 7 years old, police said.

                  "Never try to teach a pig to wastes your time and it annoys the pig."


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                    There was another negligent parent sighting on the news the past couple of days, but I can't find the "printed" media version.

                    It happened in Brevard County,near or around Cocoa. Anyway, mom went to work at Checkers and dad went to Hooters to have a few drinks, leaving their kids alone in the apartment. I think the ages were 7 and 2. Family, knowing their history of doing this, went by the house and heard the kids crying from the sidewalk then called local LE.

                    Is it just Florida? I mean, I would almost think so because of everyone wanting to save the Manatee, save the Panther, can't build a Wal-Mart there because of Scrub Jays. We've got got eco-terrorist watchdog groups out there tending to every single breathing organism, including convicted felons on death row, but who wants to step up and speak for the kids?

                    "Never try to teach a pig to wastes your time and it annoys the pig."


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                      No, it's not just in Florida, FL. It's a national epidemic and a shame. Parents have so many rights and money is short. I've read of so many children who should never go back with their parents yet, back they go. When I read of their suffering, it just breaks my heart. I have a neighbor that is struggling to have a baby and she will be the worlds best mother. Yet, those that don't care have them one right after the other.
                      I come from an abusive family. I was the target child, meaning I was the one singled out for the most emotional abuse. I remember being treated differently. I remember the hurt and suffering when I was left behind while everyone went to the beach or to get candy. And it was not because I was being punished. It's just that my Mother felt like being mean that day. And this is just emotional abuse.
                      So many kids need us, yet we spend all that money on dumb government grants, etc.
                      It's a national shame!


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                        While I (of course) agree that it is a shame that so many children are abused I don't think it is on the rise. Twenty years ago there was far less reporting of abuse and neglect but that did not mean it wasn't happening. Simply the fact that so many cases are being reported is a sign that something is being done, in my opinion.

                        As to parents having too many rights...I would have to disagree. Unfortunately there are children that go home to parents that they should not be, but there are lots that are being helped as well.

                        A few years ago my son was over my sisters house and threw one of his then infamous temper tantrums on the basement stairs. He threw himself right over the side and landed on his head. Fortunately he landed on the front of his head rather than the front or back and he only suffered a skull fracture. (which believe me is traumatic enough)

                        Despite the fact that I was at work at the time, that it was not even at my house that the incident happened, and the fact that the doctor's confirmed that the injury happened as said I was still investigated for over a year. My sister was horrified at what had happened...and it was a complete accident. While I completely understand why such thorough care was given to the case considering the seriousness of the injury, I can tell you that it was no picnic.

                        I had to explain every bruise and scrape for a year. The worker on my case wanted to close it several times but was told that he could not. I was so worried about losing my son over this that it actually occured to me at one point not to bring him to the hospital when he got a cut near his eye for fear that it would cause him to be taken from me. Obviously I took him...but even the fact that I hesitated a fraction of a second made me feel horrible.

                        I honestly think that in most incidents child abuse accusations or even vague suspicions are handled very seriously. I would have been more concerned had no follow up taken place. At the same time my Aunt tells me stories of neglect by well dressed wealthy people that are passed right through the ER with their children because they aren't as easily suspected. While the single mother that works to support herself, may have no insurance for herself but has state insurance for her child is more easily suspected.

                        When my sister was interviewed (the one and only time) she mentioned my boyfriend. Immediately she got the response "Oh, she has a boyfriend?" as if somehow being a single mother that hasn't become a nun would also place me higher on the probablity scale.

                        Yes, I agree that there is never enough that can be done to investigate these allegations, but that does not mean that they aren't doing their best. Unfortunately only so much can be done...and the assumption that allegations of abuse are always true is a dangerous one as well. In the cases listed here I don't see much room for doubt, I would just like people to keep in mind that this is not a new problem...just one that is finally getting the attention it deserves.

                        Oops....I rambled on quite a bit and never actually made a point. For some reason though I just felt like talking way too much about the subject.
                        "They want the federal government controlling Social Security like it's some kind of federal program" ~George W. Bush, November 2, 2000


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                          One abuse I wish people would take more seriously as an abuse is emotional abuse. Like I said, I suffered through it and it hurts deeply. At age 16, I was going to an un-airconditioned school all day. I came home, did the housework (even tho my mother was home all day.....she quit doing housework when I was 13, saying that's what I was for), then I rushed out the door to an 8 hour babysitting job SHE got paid for. It was rent, she said, for her letting me live in her house.
                          It hurts more then anyone can imagine. And the bad part about it is it works from the inside out.
                          Listen to how people talk to their kids. You will be able to notice and emotional abuser immediately. My mother always threatened to knock my gd teeth down my throat and I was scared to death she was going to do it.


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