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Question to police in the U.K.


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  • Question to police in the U.K.

    I have a question.

    Why on God's green Earth do your general duty Constables in Great Britain not carry a firearm?

    At my old Detachment a buddy of mine sent a set of his soft body armour to Britain to a Constable in Leeds(sp?). We were told body armour was not issued ether.

    Does the Queen not care about the safety of you guys or what?
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    This is the old favorite question to us!!!
    I am an officer in the south of england.

    There are many reasons :
    1. The bloody crappy government " does not want to effect the IMAGE of the british BOBBY"
    2. Many officers do not want to carry them anyway.
    3. The old reason that if we arm, so will more of the criminals

    The list goes on and on.

    My force for example does not arm it's normal patrol officers like me. However within the county I work there are 3 armed response vehicles with two officers with HK's. In addition to that, many officers are firearms authorised and if a job kicks off then they book a firearm out and attend.
    Most forces throughout the UK are the same. They can call on the ARV if it's a firearms incident.

    In respect of flak vests, in my force we have them. No personal issue but in the back of the car for use.

    To be quite honest the CS gas I hold has been enough in nearly every situation I have gone to. But crime in the UK is bad (contray to world opinion that we are a safe little block of green land). Gun crime in the cities is on the up, not to mention stabbings eetc etc.

    I belive the Met Police in London have just announced that last week was the first week that there was NOT a shooting related murder or attempt murder.

    I often go to "shots fired" calls with nothing. You turn up and hope. YOu call an armed response vehicle and hope it is around the corner....................

    POlice get killed here with firearms. A few years back a local patrol officer turned up at a "domestic" and disturbed a yardie gang who shot him dead.

    INcidents happen every day in the cities. A gang made off from Police in Croydon a few weeks ago. They drove away and a chase started. An huge amount of rounds were put in the direction of the vehicles following (all UNARMED) but they kept up the chase.

    It's all a very difficult question. It will probably come down to the old situation. " The government will only act when quite a lot more of us have been killed in the line of duty !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm off to work now, CS, ASP and Speed Cuffs...only ... oh joy......

    Stay safe


    p.s. Every Met Police officer was recently asked if they would carry a firearm. The majority said NO.
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      Wow, I would never put on a uniform that said the word "police" without a sidearm. American police usually have at least two at their immediate disposal...one in their holdster and a shotgun in the car. Some also carry a small backup on their ankle or in their vests. Even when we are off-duty most of us at the very least have a gun in our personal transportation and/ or concealed on our persons. Even the run of the mill security officers (no arrest power in NC) carry a sidearm.

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        Not that I thinks it's any safer over there, but.... Just imagine how much more comfortable it must be to work without wearing a ballistic vest, and the added weight of a gun and magazines! Oh well, maybe someday the world will be perfect!


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          I don't carry a firearm because I don't need to.

          In most of the UK there is very little need for the Police to be armed. There are of course exceptions, which is why we have armed response teams.

          Our force does not carry CS or OC although there are plans to introduce it later in the year.

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            *moving to Ask a Cop*


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