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  • First Day

    Okay Piper...awaiting for your input.

    How was it?
    People have more fun than anybody.

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    Awww, thank you for asking...

    Today was orientation. I didn't even make it to the jail. But I did go to the Urban Goverment Center and had my badge made. I hate the picture. Filled out all sorts of forms and now I'm home.

    The real fun begins tomorrow. Of course I will give details tomorrow night when I get home.

    *big smile*


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      Piper, best of luck to you! I'll be awaiting your update tomorrow


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        Originally posted by Piper:
        I didn't even make it to the jail.

        They are finally going to lock you up! [Eek!]


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          Oh no, Piper. [Eek!]
          A bad haircut etched into history on your ID card.


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            Whorls, Arches, and Deltas oh my...

            Do I ever have a lot to learn in this job.

            I get there at three... my LT and SGT is waitng for me. *Gulp* First things first, the LT says... we need to get you another id, you're not wearing that county one here. So, I get a corrections one made. Then I get set up for email and computer access... hmmmm "Internet..." I think to my self...

            We come back to the ID Lab and my Sgt tells this officer to give me the tour. So, we go to all parts of the jail, from where they are brought in by LEO's to where the inmates stay till they go to court or prison.

            We come back, and my Sgt has a ton of books for me. She is a tough bird, retiring in three years...she is cool as hell and I think I'll learn a lot from her.

            Here are the books... so far:

            The Science of Fingerprints (FBI)
            Fingerprint Training Manual (FBI)
            Guidlines for Preparation of Criminal Justice Information Services Divison (FBI)

            So I start reading. And reading some more. My eyes start to cross.

            Sgt comes over and takes me to the AFIS. This machine is soooo coool!!!! I got to play with it some.

            Back to reading.

            Reading some more.

            It's 10:30 PM... I should be at home, lookin' at Why do I have to read? How many types of whorls???

            Ok... this job is gonna be cool. I got a hell of a lot to learn but I'm up for the challenge.

            Sorry for the ramble and bad grammar, I just woke up!


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              You can do it, Piper! I remember, when I started in my education profession, I thought,YAY! No more studying! WRONG! I had 7 books on my desk, one they wanted read by the next day.
              It's going to be a constant learning experiene for you and you ae going to love it!


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                i get the feeling that piper is going to turn into a real meanie around here, staying up all night studying those books, lack of sleep followed by too much coffee. it could get ugly folks!!!

                I'll post, You argue.


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                  You will do fine, just relax.
                  Hell, you might even get a Kimber out of it, if you work hard enough.


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