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  • Burglary

    The year that sucks continues on. I have two departmentals, an accident in my POV, lose my grandmother, get hurt at work and now my apartment gets broken into.

    They left all the "valuable" stuff like the computer, TV, DVD etc but they take some very sentimental things that can not be replaced. They got my class ring, two rings my grandfather gave me, my grandmother's wedding band and her mother's ring as well as a ton of antique coins that had been my grandfather's. IT looks as if the burglar got spooked by someone or something cause a boom box was moved out of place and left. He aslo left something of his behind.

    B***h of it is I know who did it but will have a hell of a time proving it. I have a neighbor upstairs who is an older woman and nice as can be. Her one son who thankfully doesn't live with her is another story. He wears the same cap all the time. Wanna guess what I found in my living room that he left behind? Yeppers, the very same cap.

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    Damn, Metro, I'm sorry to hear that you've been having a really bad year. Where in Maryland do you live? I'm sure he probably left some kind of physical evidence for the authorities to tie him to the crime. You should bag the hat that was left and have the investigators do some forensic work on it to see if they can get some DNA out of the hair folicles. Call your local crime center and see what they can do.

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      If the police can't nab him for it, I'm sure you know some vigalante justice methods you could use.

      Sorry to hear about it. It's the things you cannot replace that are the most valuable. Hopefully if he is stupid enough to leave his hat, he is stupid enough to try local pawnshops so at least you have a chance at recovery.
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        Metro174, I really don't have any advice here other than what the others have offered. I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry for what you've gone through.


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          Perhaps you when you see him you can show him the cap and tell him you found it in the stairwell and ask if it is his? if he's dumb enough to say yes call in the troops and hook him up. maybe he'll resist

          don't do anything that will get you in trouble.

          my condolences on your losses and your injury. get well soon.
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            Sorry to hear about the year that you are having. It seems that when things go wrong, they really go wrong. The year is almost over.

            Last year, my gas grill was stolen from the side of my house. Just prior to this, two stolen vehicles were recovered in my neighborhood. We had a new neighbor that moved in. I am suspecting it was the teenage neighbor girl. She would sneak out in the middle of the night, cut class. Heck, they even found a stolen bike near the house. I know she took my grill. Can't prove it.

            You have his hat. You got him. I hope you are able to get him. Good Luck.
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