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  • Major Oops!

    I can't even imagine what this officer is going through now...

    Bill R

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    I think that qualifies more as an Oh, $#!t!
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      uhh oh.
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        This sure seems like a heat-of-the-moment mistake. I wasn't there and I can't speak for the officer, but it comes across as though the guy was kicking out the window and the officer drew and fired.

        The question is, can an officer's career be salvaged after an accidental shooting that results in the death of a handcuffed suspect?
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          What is normal procedure for a situation like this? I would think with the number of officers around, the subject might be removed and further restrained to prevent the kicking from continuing. Terrible, terrible thing for all involved. It doesn't seem that is should have been a "heat of the moment" situation with the subject handcuffed and in the car.

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            My only question is why would an agency authorize the use of a non-lethal weapon that looks and feels like a gun?

            Here is what the looks like

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              Terrible for all, tragic for the victim and a tragic mistake. The officer is, after all, human. And the man was kicking the windows out. An officer is supposed to be PERFECT but an officer is also HUMAN. We have no idea of what was going on around him at the time. He/She was called to stop a fight. They were doing their job and make a terrible mistake but it WAS a mistake.
              This should be taken into consideration. The person shot WAS breaking the law at the time. Did he deserve to be shot? No. Was he breaking the law? yes
              The people who are so devastated will have to understand that, when they can't control a situation, cops have to and cops are human too. Tragic for all around.


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                OK, so I have more... shoot me. BAD.
                Why is it that more and more police agencies are allowing officers to look like Rambo. Weapons straped to legs (as in this case); masked officers in less than a uniform at road blocks. I saw a deputy from the Orange County Sheriffs Office at a local tourist attraction (the life blood of Orlando) with (2) two sidearms on his duty belt (one on each hip)!! Looked like he came out of Robocop. WTF?


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                  Even if she's completely exonerated she's going to retire on stress. I can't imagine someone being able to go to work after that.

                  What's with carrying both the pistol-gripped taser and a handgun strapped to the thigh or even on the same hip? That's an invitation for a mistake like this one, or a mistake that gets the officer killed by drawing the taser when the gun is needed.


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                    I can't believe an agency would have officer carry something that looks that much like a gun. And to have them on the same side of the body, this was an accident waiting to happen.

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                        From the limited information available, I would say that the use of the taser would have been inappropriate, and I'm sure the department has a policy for use of the Taser.

                        I would speculate that the D.A. will probably file involuntary manslaughter charges against the officer.

                        It is of course a tragic mistake, and the ******* lost his life, and the officer will spend the rest of her life agonizing over it.


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                          Not to sound like an insensitive pr!ck, but how could that mistake be made? Is there any officer reading this forum who does not know where their firearm is at all times, and what their firearm feels like in their hand? If someone replaced my Glock 19 with a Glock 17, chances are I could tell the difference immediately.

                          I'm also having a hard time believing that was the first time the officer had ever drawn her weapon, but maybe I could be mistaken. You would think that she has drawn her weapon to clear a building or dispatch an injured animal at least once in 5 years. Maybe she has never drawn down on someone, but you would think that she has at least drawn her gun at least one time. I also agree with Frogman, that quote was unnecessary to begin with.

                          I feel terrible for the officer. It was a horrible mistake. However, I'm sure she and the department will get sued, and she will probably end up facing criminal charges.
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                            I'll guarantee you the department will be sued. How idiotic to place you leathal and non-lethal weapons in such close proximity. Not to mention that they both have laser sighting devices. I am a bit concerned about the training the deputy would have received. One should be able to tell the difference between a Tase and a G23 even under stress. I think the departement shares blame in this.

                            I would hope the deputy had drawn her gun during firearms training during those 6 yrs. If not the department has been negligent in training.

                            It sounds like a bit of a melee, so only those who were there could be the best judges, and unfortunately they will be judging there own actions for the rest of there lives.

                            One can only hope for the best for them.
                            Do your best, do what is right


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                              For some follow up from an officer who was (apparently) on scene, check out:

                              Madera Incident


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