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For fans of Law and Order


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  • For fans of Law and Order

    Which is/was your favorite Law and Order?

    *Law and Order
    *Law and order Special Victims Unit
    *Law and Order Criminal Intent

    Which are/were your favorite cops? (Mine was Logan)

    Which are/were your favorite lawyers? (Love Jack)

    Which theme song version do you like best?

  • #2
    I prefer the original. In all fairness, I haven't watched an entire episode of Criminal Intent and not that many of SVU (I don't like Ice-T)

    Favorite cop would be a toss up between Logan and Brisco. (Although I'm sure Logan didn't make my list for the same reason it made yours )

    Favorite lawyer, Adam Schiff....... of the active lawyers, it's Ben Stone (except that I'd chuck all of them to just watch Claire Kincade walk around the office )


    • #3
      The original is the best, but Criminal Intent is not too shabby. The best cop is Lenny Brisco. And the best lawyer.................Claire!!!!!!!!
      No, you've got the wrong number. This is 9-1....2.
      - Police Chief Clancy Wiggum


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        I like the original.

        Lenny is definately my favorite. The old man can come up with some awesome one liners.

        As far as lawyers I thought Angie Harmon was pretty hot!


        • #5
          Is the reason you like Claire because she is a twin and you think you could get 2 for 1?


          • #6
            I didn't know Claire was a twin.........

            But I do find her "twins" interesting Briscoe even commented on them

            I'd love to watch her new show, but it's on the same time wrestling is.


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              I have been watching SVU and the past episode of Criminal Intent, I'm getting bored with the original series, even though last weeks episode was good. I watched SVU and CI just to compare them to each other.
              I do like the series as a whole, for the production of the shows do not follow the same formula of police shows, that of car chases and shoot outs in the streets. I would have to say my favorite character is Brisco and the male detective from L&O CI(cant't think of his name right now). He's comes off as being a "intellectual" smart ***, good qualities to have! Angie Harmon for ADA, by far.
              On a off topic subject, I have been watching
              "Crossing Jordan". I'll watch Jill Hennessey any time.


              • #8
                My favorite cop is Lenny on the original series. As for Jill Hennesey and Angie Harmon, I'd like to compare legal-briefs with them.


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                  [QUOTE]Originally posted by Niteshift:
                  I didn't know Claire was a twin.........

                  This is the best I could find at this late hour!


                  • #10
                    HA HA! I work at the DA's Office and I could tell you that one of our prosecutors get's kidded alot about looking alot like Ms. Harmon but you would not believe me.

                    But you should REALLY see some of our interns! Hubba~Hubba!

                    I like L&O (Original Formula)...the other are BS!

                    I don't watch it much though...too much like WORK!

                    It is pretty accurate though, in a roundabout way. They often get some little things in there that I wouldn't expect from a TV show. The legal stuff is about as acurate as you can get in a one-hour format.

                    All in all it's probably my favorite cop type show...but I don't watch it much because, again, it's like atching a show ABOUT WORK!

                    It does make my life easier though. People ask me what I do for a living and I tell them. Now, most "straight" folks have no idea what the DAO does....but with the show, they say, "Like on Law and Order?" and I can just say, "Yeah." and then they leave me alone.....


                    • #11
                      "I'd love to watch her new show, but it's on the same time wrestling is."-Niteshift

                      Watch it....while you where watching wrestling, Ms Hennesey was pretending to be a stripper.

                      L&O, even watch it on A&E....

                      SVU, did'nt like it at first but slowly getting into it.

                      Criminal intent, Thinking about giving it a try, D'Onforio is a good actor beeing in my favorite movie scene. He played Leonard aka prvt. Pile, can you guy's name the movie?

                      "I think the mistake a lot of us make is thinking the state appointed psychiatrist is our "friend."


                      • #12
                        PVT. Pile
                        The movie was Full Metal Jacket (FMJ).

                        "I guress the corps don't get theirs".


                        • #13
                          The original Law&Order is the best IMHO.

                          Jack McCoy was my favorite attorney, with Ben Stone second.

                          Logan was my favorite cop, he decked a city councilman, that got about a 1000 cool points!


                          • #14
                            Detective: Rey Curtis (Benjamin Bratt)

                            ADA: Jamie Ross (Carey Lowell)

                            Here's a link to character bios for the original series:

                            [ 10-18-2001: Message edited by: HNDLC3 ]
                            A closed mouth gathers no foot. --Unknown


                            • #15
                              D'Onforio is a good actor beeing in my favorite movie scene. He played Leonard aka prvt. Pile

                              He also played the Bug in Men in Black.

                              I like Lenny Briscoe, because he's a smart aleck, and Ray Curtis, because he had class.

                              I like Claire Kincaid also, but I don't think she is as pretty as the character played by Angie Harmon.
                              "But if it be a sin to covet honor, I am the most offending soul alive." from Henry V, by Wm. Shakespeare


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