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Tips to get me ready?


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  • Tips to get me ready?

    I'm hoping that you folks might have some suggestions for me as I prepare for the police academy this fall (after working as a "summer special" aka lowest of the low for this summer).

    Any thoughts that you might pass on concerning how I might prep would be appreciated, particularly any suggested reading.

    Thanks in advance - btw I read the post about things a rookie needs to remember - excellent stuff! I've printed that out to remind me over and over.
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    Run! Start now. Get yourself up to 3 miles. If you can run, you should be able to handle the physical part.

    Usually, the younger you are, the better study habits you`ll have. You wouldn`t be out of school that long. If you`re older, maybe married with kids, there are distractions. Figure out how to study in peace and quiet.

    It ain`t rocket science. Remember, you may live in a Democracy, (actually a Republic) but once you`re sworn in you won`t be a part of it. [Eek!]
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      I'll second that! Run. Run some more. In fact run every day, because that's what you'll be doing in the academy. Do push ups, too. As many as you can. Every day. Be as inconspicuous as you can. Practice at it. And just remember, the Academy may not seem like much fun while you're there, but when you look back on it, you'll realize it was one of the best and funniest times of your life. Good luck!
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        If you know anyone that went through the same academy that you are going through, ask them about it. Find out how they usually mess with you. I imagine most of it will be mind games.
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