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National Law Enforcement & Fire Memorial Day


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    I am sure I will offend many people with my following statement, but here goes anyway...

    I have been LEO for 20yrs, and I am SICK to death of hearing about the wonderful firemen.
    Am I sad for the loss of their lives in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Hell yes, as I am about the loss of everyones lives on that day.
    But now suddenly the Fireman Have become New Yorks Finest???? Thats an insult to the real New Yorks Finest...

    It was interesting to hear the reports from New York about how many more firemen, were still missing but the Police personnel still missing were now categorized as others??

    I am in favor of a commemorative day for ALL who lost their lives on that terrible day, but lets not make it job specific...


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      Originally posted by PeelerUSA:

      But now suddenly the Fireman Have become New Yorks Finest???? Thats an insult to the real New Yorks Finest...
      I dont see how it could possibly be an insult.

      Some would say the NYPD have always been recognized as the best, and now the FDNY is being noticed also.

      i went with a guy from NYC and he always talked about the amazing things the firemen in that city would do. his high-rise was on fire before and he witnessed it first-hand, along with many other incidents in really bad areas of the city.

      i know cops do amazing and heroic things, and i'm a big LEO supporter. i just dont like seeing them say one profession "is better than the other."
      "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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        Originally posted by PeelerUSA:
        I am sure I will offend many people with my following statement, but here goes anyway...
        Well, you might have offended some folks, but that's OK. It IS your opinion and you have a right to it, and a right to post it. I see that you are a fairly new member here. You will see that we all manage to offend a few folks from time to time.

        However, I see nothing offensive in your post. I disagree with you completely on this issue, (but then I disagree with a lot of folks from time to time.)

        Having spent a number of years as a volunteer fireman and many, many more as an EMT, while at the same time being a full time sworn deputy in California, I can tell you that every one of these services risk their lives to help save other people.

        I fail to see where any of these services is "better" than any of the others. Different, yes, but not better.
        6P1 (retired)


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          I would certainly never speak for my guy (PeelerUSA) but if I may add to his comments, I would like to share some things he & I have discussed on this topic:

          It's not that cops are "better" than firefighters - or vice versa. There were some VERY valid points made by a lot of people in this topic, not least of which is that in different ways, ALL of these folks risk their lives for the public. The firefighters *I* know will be the first to admit that they don't go in until cops secure the scene and tell them it's safe. On the other hand, most cops I know would rather face a bullet than pull victims from wrecked cars or burning buildings on a routine basis. They are different. And we need both. But ....

          Many cops I know feel slighted, overlooked and unappreciated, in the rush to lionize fire personnel after 9-1-1. Many cops were in the front lines on 9-1-1 but because they were also charged with keeping the peace and ensuring that firefighters and other emergency personnel could even GET to Ground Zero, cops had to stay on their assigned beats. They had to continue fighting crime, directing traffic, maintaining a perimeter, even while their hearts ached to drop everything and rush to help.

          Let's face it, folks: firefighters have always had better press than cops. Firefighters are heroes and cops are not. After all, firefighters don't pull you over & write you a ticket, and they don't knock on your door and arrest you for a $50,000 warrant. I work with about 270 sworn officers who routinely risk their lives, routinely accept abuse and scorn, routinely put on the uniform and go out day after day, and ALL THEY WANT is to feel appreciated. It is sad that some - OK, be honest, many - cops now feel bitter about the praise and adulation heaped on firefighters. Sad but definitely understandable. It's that sort of universal, "Hey! what about ME?!"

          My own $.02 worth on the question of a day of memorial for 9-1-1? All EMS personnel and the victims could share a day that commemorates that, much like Pearl Harbor Day.

          Several people on this topic have said it's time to bring law enforcement to the forefront and gain recognition - I agree. My own personal mission is to create the same kind of positive image for cops that firefighters now enjoy. When I was a kid, "the policeman is your friend" was something we all knew and counted on. I believe that with the recent climate, it would not take much to recreate a sense that law enforcement personnel are just as heroic and deserving of praise as their counterparts in firefighting.

          Just for the record: I am NOT speaking for Peeler or any other LEO. In fact, he disagrees with me vehemently on some of this. Fortunately, we have mutual respect even if we don't have mutual agreement ;-)

          Best to all and .... stay safe ....
          wherever you go, there you are...


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            My opinion is that there is a week in May where we observe for officers. I am one who would rather enjoy a week of recongnition rather than a day. I could care less if it is a natioal holiday that is just one more that I will have to work and get paid extra for. I think the way things are now are fine. I think that a memorial to those who were lost in the attacks is something that should be focused on and made into a reality.

            Police, firefighter, and other emergancy personnel al work towards the same goals in this world. We all are here to aid the community and to protect it. We all know the risks each takes and we have (or at least most I know) a lot of respect for each other. I don't think a holiday (if it comes about) should be separated for each profession we all are emergancy workers lets have one holiday if that is what you want.

            I will remain on my stance of the week long time currently in place.

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