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HBO series- Band of Brothers


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  • HBO series- Band of Brothers

    Is anyone else watching this?

    It did really well, ratings-wise for the first couple of weeks, then the WTC events caused it to drop off.

    It's pretty good stuff. Not your normal war movie material, instead focussing on ordinary men put into extraordinary circumstances.

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    I watched the first episode and was expecting more than what I saw. Hadn't watched it since.


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      I don't have HBO, but I have the book of the same name by Stephen Ambrose. He also wrote D-Day, and Citizen Soldier. All of these books are the stories of actual veterans based on interviews with them. Basically they tell the story of WW2 from the perspective of the foxhole. Very interesting books that make one think of the sacrifices these guys made defeating Hitler and the Nazi's.
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        All the episodes start out with interviews of vets from that company.


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          I watch it...absollutely fabulous series...i also like this and Pvt Ryan (also read all the Ambrose books) b/c almost all the movies i sw about WW2 as a kid were ultra patriotic,glorified and made it look almost easy for the americans( strolling the beach in the longest day for ex) and its nice to see the real story behind what went on and how tough it was for the allies etc...sounds bizarre maybe but i just like truthful movies/books(ones based on real life events)


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            This show is fantastic (in Canada, it's on TMN). As far as the "battle realism" goes, apparently it is well done. What one has to remember is that some of these soldiers were 17, 18, 19... kids really.

            HBO puts my four favorite shows out, Sopranos, Oz, BOB and Six Feet Under. And shown commercial free on TMN (except OZ, on Showcase, with minimum commercils). Commercials suck!
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              I've seen several of the episodes and thought they were really well done. I like the fact that it's telling the real story about the invasion of europe. All the characters in the show are(and were) real people.
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                I too think that the show was well done. It gives those soldiers a chance to tell their story. The way it happened...The way they did their part to change the world and defend their country.

                Of course, I'm a big fan of Pvt. Ryan and Tom Hanks and I believe he's a producer for this show.
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                  I'm taping all of them. They are GREAT!

                  My dad said he had a POS captain when he was in, just like 'Capt Hi O Silver'. He said the guy would have been fragged in the first 5 minutes of combat....
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                    Originally posted by cajuncop:
                    Of course, I'm a big fan of Pvt. Ryan and Tom Hanks and I believe he's a producer for this show.
                    Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg are producers.

                    I'm a fan of war movies, like all HBO series that I've watched, they are big screen quality...This one is no exception..

                    I liked Saving Private Ryan, but this series is better in some ways.

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