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Klez virus - arrrrrghhhhh!!!


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  • Klez virus - arrrrrghhhhh!!!

    Stupid me - I had no virus protection software and got the Klez virus. I opened up an e-mail attachment from someone at work and the computer froze, wouldn't fully restart, all kinds of bad schidt.

    My mother-in-law (our computer builder) loaned us one of her spares until she can get our PC restored. Hopefully the data on the hard drive (bookmarks, address book, archived e-mails) can be saved. Needless to say, Norton Antivirus is being installed.

    Dammit, I hate these punks who originate the viruses. I really think they should be taken to a Laramie bar and tell the patrons the virus-writer is gay.
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    In case you haven't seen it yet, Norton makes you clean up the Klez virus before installing the AV software. They have a utility you can download from their web site. Boot your machine in the safe mode, then download and run the utility. I had to do all this myself about a month ago.

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