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What are you Thankful for?


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  • What are you Thankful for?

    With the passing of Thanksgiving I reflected the most important things in life..

    To be thankful for being healthy and living in a country that I have the choices/make decisions about what I do with my life.

    To be thankful I have education and to become anything that I want to be in life.

    To have a wonderful family always there for me when I need them.

    The freedom of speech
    The freedom of religion
    The freedom to be in public/drive a car/medical care(for in some countries like Afganistan it is forbidden for women to have and do these things)
    To have an abundance of food(for there are others less fortunate that do not)
    I could go on and on..after what happened last week and what you see what happens in other countries...I dont take anything for granted what I have...
    That the littliest things dont matter anymore

    I wish everyone in America a Happy Thanksgiving when your holiday comes around..
    Also, I am thankful for having you as my neighbour for you protect us to have our freedoms..I couldnt think of a better neighbour to have living next door.,,

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    charlene -- ditto what you said

    my family though is #1 what i'm most thankful for (and that includes my jack russel terrier, milo!!)
    I'll post, You argue.


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      Well, I agree with all that. But I am also thankful that we live in a world that is so progressive, my son will soon be able to have surgery tht may stop his seizures and enable him to live a normal life.


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        I am thankful for;

        Healthy children
        a great sister
        a wonderful husband
        having a roof over my head and food in my stomach.
        And many many wonderful, informative, and supportive cyber friends.
        "To each his own"


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