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Commendation Bars


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  • Commendation Bars

    Anybody know where i can get some of the American Flag commendation bars?

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    They have them over here:

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    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>


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      Althought their website is being revamped, you can call Interstate Supply at 1-800-274-6050.

      They are 4.99 each from them. That's where I got mine.


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        Do those look the same as the ones from above your post?




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          Thanks.I was looking for something like that CJ
          Stay safe and watch your back. Survived Katrina. Now a Official member of the Chocolate City Police.


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            Yep, same thing.

            Ask for item AAB-2


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              what about the Royal Order of the Purple Target?
              or the Shot at and Missed Club?
              or the Street Degree Hash Marks?
              or the "screaming into your radio in tones only a dog can hear" award?
              or the zigged when you should've zagged commendation?
              or the damn fool lucky award?
              or the right place in the right time award?
              or the lucky the computer was working that day award?
              or the good thing he pled guilty award?
              or the comedy of errors award?
              or the commendation in lieu of termination award?
              or the good thing they happened to be speeding award?
              or the Happened to be the First Officer on Scene Award?
              or the award since we haven't given an award in awhile?
              or the we want you to be a lieutenant one day so we're going to fluff your file award?

              or the award for actually creating and implementing an awards program that actually WORKS?

              sorry, as you can tell, I am the proud recipient of the following awards:

              To Smart for His Own Good Award, also called The Doing Your Job Too Well and Making Us Look Bad Award

              The Derisive Smart *** Award, duh!

              The Don Quixote Award (for charging at windmills)

              The Federal Assist Award, presented for doing all of the work and then the AUSA takes the case and the feds get all the credit.

              The Located but Not Picked Up Award, presented for locating fugitives, runaways, and missing children when you locate them, but other officers actually pick them up based on your info and they get all the credit.

              The Make the Case but not the Arrest Award, presented for actually putting a good prosecution together after someone has arrested the guy on little evidence and therefore quit working the case.

              The Doing a Good Job, but Not getting an Award Because we Expect this Kind of Work from You Award, presented for doing something that would normally get an award, but you are told that you are such a fine officer that they expect such work from you all the time. This award is closely related to the Average Work Done by a Below Average Officer Motivational Award.

              And the Highest Award I have ever received......

              The Doing Your Job So Well You Make It Look Easy Award. (closely related to the Looking Busy and Getting Noticed, But Not Actually Getting Much Done Award)


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                I understand your attempt at humour, and know exactly where you are coming from, but I was asking a serious question.

                I am thoroughly aware of those who get the "commendations" you mention, but me myself, I have 2 - a purple heart, which I EARNED, and Patrolman of the Year. Mine are not "sissy" B.S. awards, they are serious, and if you ever see me, you will see right away why I have them.

                At my dept., we may have a chance to display the "flag" type commendation bars on our uniforms, and that is why I asked the question where I could get them.



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                  My old dept. issued them as part of the standard uniform.


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                    I know your post was serious, and some folks posted some info for you that showed you where to get them.

                    It was not my intention to imply that you hadn't earned whatever awards you may have received. I am sure you have, and I am sure that you are right to be proud of your awards.


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