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Good news, but it is a real shame unfortunately.


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  • Good news, but it is a real shame unfortunately.

    On the radio this morning I was glad to hear
    that a huge internet child porn site and its
    creators were busted and arrested in Texas.

    The sad and truly disgusting part is that
    this site was bringing in over $1.5 million
    a MONTH, that is right, a MONTH. What
    has gone so wrong on this country that a site
    like this was bringing in this kind of money?

    Almost as sickening is, the creators of this
    site were a married couple, husband and wife.
    I just hope to GOD, these sick people have no
    kids. I hope part of their punishment is,
    casteration(sp??) and the woman having her
    tubes tied.

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    Its a scarry reality!

    I would like to see their picture on every major newspaper, magazine and TV station under the HEADLINE of "CHILD MOLESTERS".


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      It floored me when I heard they had over 250,000 subscribers!!!!! Sometimes, I wish we were like other countries and had no mercy over this stuff.


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        I would like to see their genitals chewed off by a rottweiler
        Admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter accusations!


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          Yes it is sad to see such stuff can be so available on the internet. There is something out there on the net for what ever your into. To see a site like this busted is joyous. I wonder how many of the subscribers were americans? Wonder if they can be found and delt with as molesters too?

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            Well, I am sure they were paying with a credit card most likely.. Hopefully that will link them and they all can be thrown in prison..
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