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  • Halloween

    For all you with small children, just wondering what they're going out as this Halloween. Mine haven't even thought about it yet, and usually don't until the week before.

    We usually just throw something together from things we have here at the house, and they're my favorite kind of costumes. I have gone out and spent entirely too much money on costumes that the kids wear for just one night though. Still haven't figure out why I do that!

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    I am going as Pee-Wee Herman. This may be good idea for small children, as the costume requires a nerdy gray suit with a bow tie. Then they can wear it again to church or whatever.
    "I don't know karate. But I know Ka-RAZay! (Yes he does!)" The Payback - James Brown


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      Its not safe anymore and the sickos have made it next to impossible to enjoy halloween. So for years now i throw the halloween sleepover with scary movies and all the goodies. The kids love this and the ones that can't afford decent costumes do not have to be embarassed of being poor. This works for the parents that need a free night with no kids. I work in a grocery store so i halloween is the only holiday i do not have to work.
      "To each his own"


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        The Halloween sleepover is a really good idea, Ftrphxcop!

        This will be our sons first "dress- up" year. He's turning three in December; so he'll be able to comprehend a bit more of the whole Halloween tradition, this year.

        I found an adorable furry Tigger outfit at The Disney Store, so we may go with that.

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        [email protected] "Where there is love, there is no imposition"- Albert Einstien.


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          I'll be working yet again. Hopefully I won't have to deal with the usual crap of watching kids try to buy eggs and shaving cream while I'm guarding the coffee pot at 7-11. Gee, it's halloween, I wonder why they'd buy that stuff. Also hope they don't TP my car again.


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            Halloween is THE social event of the year out here where I live. Trick or treating is out of the question as the neighbors are anywhere from a few acres to a few miles away. We have a park and community center that sets at the ends of "the paved road." We hold a big party in the community center for the little ones and the fire department sets up a big haunted house in the station. Only once have we had to close the tunnel of death (a low crawl through the ambulance)because it had to go on medical run in the middle of the party but the rest of it stayed there. We have all the traditional games, a costume contest, and tons of food. The Grand Finale is "Trunk or Treat." Everybody parks their cars along either side of the street with the tailgates facing the road. A lot of folks decorate their cars or set up some elaborate mechanism the kids have to use to get their treats. When the fire truck siren sounds, they are off and running. It is the coolest. If any of you have seen the movie Doc Hollywood, the town of Grady has nothing on us when it comes to a celebration. (Except maybe the fireworks)


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              My son, who is 4 is bent on being a digimon this year. I was hoping for a more friendly costume this year. I usually go trick-or-treating with him and dress us as well. I don't know what I'm going to be this year. I am famous for the really scary..stake coming out of my face costumes but that was before the 4 year old came along Since he's been around I have been a jester and a victorian something or other.


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                We have a block party here for Halloween and it's always so much fun. Our son is 25 now so it's fun for me to get to see the little ones all dressed up. We all carve pumpkins and put them out. We have apple bobs and our neighbor always fixes up a neat haunted house in his back yard.
                We cook hot dogs and hamburgers so the kids can eat before they trick or teat. Any house with a pumpkin in front of it is where they go.
                Last year, a family had a neat scary sleep over for all the kids. I was over there for a bit and what fun I had. He had his garage all made up like a haunted house and he put scary movies on, old ones. He put on The Mummy and then ran back to his room where his wife helped him wrap up like a mummy. He came out walking like a mummy but they didn't notice him until his wife turned out all the lights and turned on a black light. Those kids screamed and yelled and jumped! It was really funny. Before they went to bed, they had scary stories and roasted marshmallows in the back yard. The kids had a ball and so did I!


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                  If I had a daughter I'd get some fairly inexpensive fabric and make her a Scarlett O'Hara costume and fix her hair in long curls with a big bow in the back. Of course a pirate would be easy to do for a boy, old shirt and jeans, scarf tied around the head pirate style and a stuffed perrot on his shoulder or buy inexpensive kahki shirt, pants, WW 11 army hat, corn cob pipe, an arrogent look and you have Gen. MacArthur.

                  Nell :cool

                  [ 10-03-2001: Message edited by: Neltja ]
                  When you meet someone better than yourself, turn your thoughts to becoming his equal. When you meet someone not as good as you are, look within and examine yourself....


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                    Originally posted by jpa:
                    I'll be working yet again. Hopefully I won't have to deal with the usual crap of watching kids try to buy eggs and shaving cream while I'm guarding the coffee pot at 7-11. Gee, it's halloween, I wonder why they'd buy that stuff. Also hope they don't TP my car again.
                    A family friend was at a 7-11 guarding the coffee pot one Halloween...The kids did more than tip his car, they took it!!!He phoned his detachment, but since he was a known practical joker they hung up on him, not believing his patrol car was stolen....He offcourse forgot his portable in it, walked back 10K's, still not believing him untill the search of the parking lot and sournding area of the detachment came back negative.

                    So some kids got the best costume that Halloween, mountie hat and jacket with matching patrol car, for a couple of hours anyway.....

                    Despite not having any known children I love Halloween. The person in the story gave me a RCMP hat and gun belt when I was about 9, guess what I'm going to be yet again?

                    "I think the mistake a lot of us make is thinking the state appointed psychiatrist is our "friend."


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                      Police Officers have to deal with evil on a regular basis, but one Halloween I came face to face with Evil.

                      After a long night of answering questions.

                      (Yes it's real.)
                      (Yes it's loaded.)
                      (No it's not a great costume, I'm really working.)

                      I met Satan. I had suspected it to be true for a long time but that night I found out it was true.

                      She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

                      And looks great in a blue dress.


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                        My Yorkies are going as bride and groom. The female hates it and gives me these "death to you" looks. The male is too dumb to know what's going on.
                        Hey! I'm good to them all year. I even buy then Christmas presents. They can be dress up dolls one night out of the year!


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                          Halloween time again! I have gone out and bought my sone his costume, he is on a Star Wars kick this year. It's all I can do to keep him out of the bag that hangs in the closet.
                          Trick or treating here is usually little or no problems due to the fact that interier Alaska, it's is below zero and have to bundle up the kiddies and walk through the snow. We usually stay on post for trick or treating, then go trick or treating in the malls where it is nice and warm.


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                            I'm going as a witch, complete with a little black dress, stripped stockings, pointy hat and boots. I'll even have my Tarot cards for on the spot readings...heh!



                            *who just loves Halloween!!!*


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                              Last year, I was Darth Maul. Complete with the face makeup and all. It kicked ***! I don't know what to do this year. The kids already have their Superman and Batman costumes, I just hope that they last until Halloween since they have to wear them daily.


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