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Traffic fines in your area?


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  • Traffic fines in your area?

    Here's a sample of what a ticket will cost you in my town:

    * Speeding: $50 + $2/mile over posted limit
    * Disregard for Traffice Signal: $70
    * Child Restraint Violation: $70
    * Violation of Headlight Law: $70
    * No DL: $100
    * No Proof of Insurance: $100
    * Failure to Yield ROW: $70
    * Parking in Handicapped Space w/o Permit/Tag: $70
    * Improper Display of Tag/No Tag: $70
    * Noise Violation: $70
    * Littering: $70
    * Improper Driving(reckless): $70

    THP's fines are MUCH higher, BTW.

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    Traffic tickets from Military Police overseas do not have fines and only accrue points. Military members and their dependents stationed in Germany have to receive a special drivers license to operate a motor vehicle in Germany. Committing three or four traffic violations in a year can easily result in their driving privileges being revoked. If the German Polizei writes someone for a traffic infraction, the fines are pretty steep and normally have to be paid on the spot or you would have to go to German court.

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      I can honestly say I don't know what our's are.

      Since I don't know what they are, I can honestly tell the violator I don't know, they'll have to get hold of the court.

      We used to know, and I always hated getting into the " You mean your'e giving me a $300.00 ticket!!!! " conversation.
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        You can get a $25 ticket for failing to buckle your seatbelt out here.


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          $150 Failing to wear seatbelt
          $150 running red light
          $200 No warrant of fitness/registration
          $150 worn tyre
          $400 breach licence conditions
          $600 Operates vehicle in manner likely to cause annoyance (good for boy racers)
          $130 Minimum speeding cost, goes up with speed over posted limit
          Go to Court for reckless, careless, dangerous driving (crashes)


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            In England & Wales in relation to traffic tickets issued by the police the fixed penalties are


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              Speeding (general) $65
              10-19 $70
              20-29 $135
              30-39 $270
              All doubled in work zones.

              Fail to obey traffic device: $70
              Child restraint: $40
              Red light:$120
              Railroad crossing $70
              No headlights: $40
              Driving w/o license: $350
              No proof of insurance: $30
              Fail to display license/registration: $30
              No insurance: jailabale
              Right of way: $70
              Noise violation: $50
              Reckless driving $350
              Negligent Driving $135
              Improper tag display :$50
              Handicap space: $202
              Driving suspended/revoked: jailable
              Fail to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk: jailable

              All fines are preset statewide by the District Court and can be raised to $500 at time of trial. All agencies issue the same citation and use the same fine schedule. Parking citations vary from agency to agency. The $202 is the Baltimore City fine. Most aother areas it is $100.
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                Failure to obey sign/signal: approx $70 +points
                Speeding: start at about $75 + points and go up based on the speed
                Improper/No Registration: approx $140
                No Seatbelt: $10
                Inattentive driving: approx $70

                These are for a County SO, in WI they can vary depending on the issuing agency and whether or not they have their own court or go to Circuit Court (county). IIRC, only the seatbelt one stays the same. Also, WI tends to be an expensive state to get a ticket in, especially when you figure in points and insurance rates.
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                  I have a question about something similar to this: I have seen signs on our freeway that say "report litterbugs call 1800 -XXX-XXXX" So let's say I call and say "license plate XYZ threw trash our their window." First of all, what happens? Second, how can it be proven that they did it? Couldn't they just say "I don't know what you're talking about."?

                  I just always wondered about that.
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                    In PA, when you sign your registration card, it states that the owner of the vehicle is responsible for any littering from the vehicle. As long as the witness was willing to testify, I'd cite on information received.
                    There's also a section in the vehicle code for, "Violation of Title" which also nails the owner for actions taken by anyone else operating the vehicle. I used that one a few times for charging the owner with DUI when they were the passenger and had allowed someone drunk to drive their vehicle.


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                      * Speeding: +1-15=$76 / 16-25=$135 / 26+ =270
                      * Disregard for Traffice Signal: $75
                      * Child Restraint Violation: $271
                      * Violation of Headlight Law: $103
                      * No DL: (in possession=$103)(Susp/revok/none issued=M/A)
                      * No Proof of Insurance: $540
                      * Failure to Yield ROW: $M/A
                      * Parking in Handicapped Space w/o Permit/Tag: $270
                      * Improper Display of Tag/No Tag: $76
                      * Improper Drivingreckless)= M/A (undue care)=$250
                      * No Seatbelt: $22
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