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  • Civilian Job Search

    I have been seeking employment now for about a month now. I have filled out about 20 applications, had ONE interview, and ZERO job offers. The one interview I did have went very well, but only time tells. I do have a resume and 5 letters of recommendation from Past Employers (out of the 6 jobs I have had). I have been told that my resume package is wonderful, but I have had no such luck.

    When the job market is like it is, does anyone have any advice on how to get a decent paying position?

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    Do what I didn't do and keep the job you have/had.

    Other than that, the only thing I could say is to look outside of your job field. I've been thinking about doing collections part time because they've always got ads in the help wanted section.
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      Just keep plugging away trying. As Jarhead said, expand your horizions a bit about what you are looking for.. I'll also add expand your horizions a bit as far where you are looking.

      Best bet yet - help that sweet young thing to get a good paying job, marry her, and let her support you! [Wink]
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        Have you seen this ?

        Texas Police Corps

        I applied my last year of high school but will not be eligible for it until I am a college junior or senior.(I'm a freshman)

        Basically if you are accepted they pay for virtually all of your college. Train you. And guarantee you employment when you graduate. The catch is that they can assign you to any law enforcement agency anywhere in Texas. After 4 years your free to do what you want.

        As for a job right away, try looking for government internships that pay. I've got a link somewhere I'll try and find. There are tons of agencies both federal and state. And not just ones that relate to LE but all sorts of stuff.
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          Originally posted by Don:
          Best bet yet - help that sweet young thing to get a good paying job, marry her, and let her support you! [Wink]

          HA! Good advice Don! The only problem with that is that she has a job that fits her schedule, but it pays 1/5 of what we will need merely to survive after we say 'I Do.'

          I believe my main problem is the "Small Town Complex." I live in a city that is small and has limited positions open. This is why I have applied to cities around me. Further, I also visited the State Workforce Commission to no avil. I even applied to Target and Wal-Mart! [Eek!] Needless to say...I will continue until I get an offer.


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            Well...I got a job. Matter of fact, I was offered FOUR positions with two different companies today. I accepted one that fit closest to what I was in need of (more money, less time). Now...if I can only survive a job and school...


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              Congrats, Godside, i'm happy for you I hope it all works out.

              I also will be converted next month to Full-Time Regular (as opposed to Part-Time Flex) after 14 years with the Postal Service... i'd say it's about time!

              That will give me 40-hour work weeks and paid holidays, along with a set schedule. It will be pretty cool to be able to actually make plans!
              "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                Glad to hear it Godside!
                6P1 (retired)


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