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Do You Have A Will?


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  • Do You Have A Will?

    Do you have a current will? Are your funeral wishes in writing? Do you have a living will?

    If you left the planet tomorrow, how would your survivors cope?


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    I have a outdated will running around somewhere but I know I need to get a new one so that my wishes will be put to order. I am sure that what I want will be met but some of my estate will be in question. If I left this world anytime soon I know the ones I leave behind will be ill prepared right now to cope with the loss even though financially they will be well cared for.

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      One nice thing about being in the military is the access to cheap lawyers. Last year I sat down with the JAG officer and made up a current will after many years of getting by with a Desert Storm -era will.

      I don't have a living will nor anything along the lines of a DNR order.

      I have thought often about what would happen to my family if I were to die. I think anyone in this line of work who says they HAVEN'T either isn't being honest with you or is awfully head-in-the-sand to themselves.

      The worst part for me would be my kids; I know that I don't recall much from my life at the age they are at now, I have seen how my father has struggled his entire life with losing his mom at the age of 5, and I hate to think that I would simply be a blurry memory to them (outside of videotape) for the remainder of their lives. But we never know what can happen to us from day to day. Never take anything for granted; September 11th should have brough tthat message home to all of us, I would think......


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        Yes I do but it could be updated a bit since we had some new additions to the family but especially have a living will. I don't want to be hooked up to some machine forever and don't want to put that burden on one of the children to make that decision however they would probally pull the plug top collect my insurance.
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          Got one but its pretty generic. It's one of those things I think about from time to time but don't do anything about. Maybe I'll look into it now. Thanks for bringing it up.


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            I don't have a will as yet, because I really do not have much to leave behind.
            What would happen is what would anyway, by law. My wife would get everything. she knows what my kids would want of mine, and see to it that they get it.

            Those of you who do draw up a will, make sure you are very specific with what goes to each and every person. My Mom left her will very vague, and named that sister of mine the Executrix. It did say if my 3 siblings and I did not come to any agreement, all was to be sold, and the money split 4 ways.
            Witch took all of my Mom's things, sold them at a flea market, and did not tell me what the outcome was. Tried telling me it all went to expenses, which I know is BS! My sisters get antiques, heirlooms, and family keepsakes, my brother gets a $700 computer, and I didn't get ****! To add insult to injury, I was told I was being greedy for ever wanting anything. And they all wonder why I told them all to go to Hell.
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              You aren't alone, DMS. My husband's looneytune brother was executor of an estate valued at over $800,000. When his mother died, we got $2,000! lol! I laugh because I tried to tell my husband that he his brother was living off the money but he said "brothers don't do that to brothers". LOL I kind of questioned HOW a man who didn't have a job drove a brand-new Lincoln and had a house nicer then ours! lol!
              My husband and his other brother were stunned when they found out what he did. But they are denial kings. All three brothers are very close but I won't allow his one brother in my house. Ticks him off really bad but it's my only protest to what he did and what his brothers LET him do to them.


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                Add me to the list with Mitzi and DMS. Brothers are supposed to help each other out. Not screw each other.

                Original question: Do you have a will.

                Let's see. I've got two ex-wives, and of course now, the love of my life (too bad I didn't find HER first), three kids by two wives and a step kid by my bride.

                Yeah, I have a will! Don't even want to think about what would happen without one!

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                  Even though I said I probably wouldnt post again, I still come and read because you all are great!

                  Anyway, I saw this topic and I wanted to say how important it is to have one. Unfortunatly I am just now realizing how important it is. I didnt have a bad experience or anything, but lets just say, i dont trust "certain" people. Unless things are written down and legalized innocent people will get hurt. I can see my BF's ex wife coming at me for every penny left to me. She'll find a reputable lawyer, take me to court and try and get everything. Shes a lying, no good "woman" who will do everything in her power to make my bf's life and MY life miserable. She could care less if I have my OWN kids to support. Shes just a selfish person who just cannot get over her divorce and wants to see my BF suffer no matter WHO it hurts, including children. Therefore, I definatly see a great need for a will.

                  And in turn, I am deciding what I want in my will so my own sons are taken care of as well as my BF....well, soon to be husband.
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                    Originally posted by sandie:
                    .....And in turn, I am deciding what I want in my will so my own sons are taken care of as well as my BF....well, soon to be husband.
                    Cngratulations, sandie, I hope you and klar will be/are very happy

                    I currently don't have a will, mainly because I don't have a family and my Mother and Nephew ar my beficiaries on my life insurance policies.

                    I do see the need, however, especially in larger families. I am definately NOT looking forwar to the time when my Mom passes on. My brother and I get along pretty well, but my sister-in-law is another story! i can really see her trying to get everything (of which there's not a whole lot), because they have a family and I don't.

                    Great subject, BTW...
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                      Nope, No will. Besides what would they fight over. Oh, wait in order to get closer to my kids i have this amazing Pokemon card collection. I wouldn't put it pass them to bump me off for it. ANd lets see im' worth a little insurance money but i'm sure my husband would never do anything drastic like give me alcohol to celebrate then watch me keel over. Oh wait my daughter is willing to bump me off so she can wear makeup one year earlier. Yep better get that Will going.
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                        How you want to distribute your personal belongings/money is important, but I guess I was really asking more about the physical side of things.

                        If you become seriously ill or injured, how do you want your family to make decisions about your care? Is it in writing or do you want to depend on people's memories of casual conversations over the years?

                        How about life support measures? Do you want to be alive, but mentally incapacitated? Do you want medical personnel to decide when enough has been done for you? Your managed care company?

                        If you die, what do you want done with your earthly remains? Is there a budget for this? Do you want a service or not? There are many decisions to be made-do you want people to guess, or argue or do what they would want?

                        Ask your family and have a quiz....what do each of you want? Write it down....It's the best gift you can give, when the unexpected and tragic has happened.



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                          Thats a great idea!

                          I personally think it would be nice for people to finally wait on me hand and foot. So in the event i ever become incapacitated, i would not want them to pull the plug. For a little while i want them to have to clean up after me. Diapers and all.
                          "To each his own"


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                            Most funeral homes will make pre-funeral arrangements so that you can pick out the casket, the music, & all the other particulars about the funeral (as if it makes a difference but it makes some people feel good about how they'll go). You can pay in installments & the cost is locked in so it won't cost more 20, 30, 40 yrs. from now. The best thing about it is giving the surviving family a little peace of mind about making the arrangements & paying for things.


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                              I do not currently have a will. I am looking to get one however, as I have recently acquired a way.


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