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    That is just an honest opinion. No need to apologize. Nowaday you can't say anything without stepping on anyone's toes. If someone is offended by it, maybe they are not happy with themselves and know that they need to lose weight. (I am not referring to ANYONE specifically. In the general American population).

    I wouldn't be caught dead in tight clothing. As a matter of fact, I wear my husband's tshirts and sweatshirts all the time. I would no more wear spandex shorts than I would a thong bikini. And, I ADMIT IT. I don't have the right body for them and I have more respect for myself than to publicly humiliate myself.

    Come'on...how can someone NOT know they may be looking a little on the ugly side before you walk out the door?

    Sorry if I'm being too brutally honest!

    Oh and a little PS....I also have no objection to people wearing what they want. It's a free world. If you feel gorgeous, by all means...strut your stuff baby! Makes people watching a lot more interesting!

    [ 02-13-2003, 09:42 PM: Message edited by: Tprspouse ]
    "It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."---Robert Strecker


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      Originally posted by Sig Kodi:
      1. Fat women who wear tight shirts and jeans. You don't look good in them and you are embarrassing yourself.

      No offense but one of my pet peeves is people who direct disproportionate animosity toward heavy people. Of all the hideous things people do I can never understand why we as a society are so angry at fat people. I say wear what you want if I don't like what I see I'll look the other way.


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        I agree, shrill. I always make it a point to say hello to heavier people and you know what? They are some of the nicest people you ever want to meet. Talk to an overweight person. I bet they will be shocked because they are used to looks of disgust and distain.


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          People don't realize that eating is an addiction just as smoking. Why is lighting up considered "cool" and being fat is a disgrace? I'll never understand that. If everyone were as nice to fat people as they are smokers, we'd live in a better world.

          Addictions are NOT fun and probably no fault of the person who has it. If you can cry addiction to smoking or drinking, then give the overeaters a break!

          I gained a lot of weight when hubby went to the state police academy 3 years ago. I was under a lot of stress, it was a new life/change and I had to live with my parents during the transition because we couldn't afford to live anywhere else. I ate what they ate (which is terrible...ice cream and sweets galore), and factor in missing my husband and being depressed I gained...and gained...All it takes is one big change like that to change your eating habits and appearance. It's been hard trying to get myself back to where I was. I've lost about 14 lbs and still losing. I can't for the life of me understand how someone who weighs over 300 (200 for that matter) lbs can feel great in their clothing. How can they feel comfortable in their skin? I want to unzip my jeans after a big meal! I guess that's just my opinion...I hope every overweight person can find help because it's not only life threatening, but society voodoo which is sad.

          I am not making fun of obese people, but I am just trying to understand because I've been there and didn't like it. It doesn't mean I wasn't a nice person...2 totally different things.

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          "It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."---Robert Strecker


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            Weight challenged? Ahhh, another "PC" word.
            "It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."---Robert Strecker


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              Oooh baby, I was hoping someone would start this topic:

              People who leave their cell phones on in places they shouldn't be. For example, I was in class the other day and someone's cell phone started ringing. Now, if I'm paying my hard-earned money and giving up my free-time to be in class, I'm paying full attention and getting my money & time's worth. TURN YOUR CELL PHONE OFF! I was shocked that someone actually had the audacity to ask a professor what his "policy" on cell phones was. That should be a no-brainer, but I guess some people think that they are that important. Oh well, whatever.

              My 2nd pet peeve: people who use the right turn only lanes to get around traffic. Unless you got some red and/or blue lights on top of your car, you aren't more important than everyone else, so wait in line like everyone else. Same goes for the people riding solo in the carpool lanes.
              A closed mouth gathers no foot. --Unknown


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                Just thought I'd lay in here with one of my thankfully infrequent posts...

                1. People who believe everything they see/read/hear. Just because you saw it on TV, in a book or magazine, or on the Internet, doesn't make it so. Get a clue, and think for yourself.

                2. Homophobes. Need I say more?

                3. Chauvinists. Probably shouldn't go there...

                4. Religous zealots. I don't really care what your faith is, if it gives you comfort. But why on earth are there all these total strangers who want to convert me to their faiths? Does the catholic church have some sort of "win over five converts and get a six-piece set of stainless steel steak knives" promotion going on? Can't a guy just practice magick in peace?

                I could go on, but I won't. Too many oddball views...

                Sarcasm: Just another valuable service I provide.


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                  MikeInMN, you should post more!

                  hmmm... pet peeves? i have alot but i guess i can list a few...most have already been listed.

                  the cell-phone users, talking so LOUD everywhere! i guess i better get used to them...

                  people who dont use turn signals

                  men who do the "comb-over" ...remember, alot of us love bald men

                  people who have their BAD kids out in public

                  people who dont take turns at the 4-way Stop

                  Oh, and as for fat women in tight clothes...i think it's mostly the white race that feels women cant show their bodies unless they're thin. in the black and PR culture, the women actually feel beautiful even if they're overweight! imagine that! there was a famous survey done of overweight black women, and overweight white women...the white women were all disgusted with themselves, even if they were only a few pounds overweight, while the black women had great self-image. Love yourself, that's what counts. it doesnt matter if somebody else thinks you look good. And theres always someone MORE beautiful, no matter who you are. <rant off> <wink> [Wink]
                  "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                    I agree with those who said fat ppl wearing tight clothes is disgusting - it is! They're trying to pretend they are thinner than they are, if they just wore clothes that fit they'd look good! I don't think anyone should ever feel that they have to feel good about themselves even though they are fat, they should feel that they don't have to be fat! It's true though that fat ppl are often very nice ppl, I think it comes from knowing how it feels to be put down, makes them more empathetic.

                    My biggest pet peeves are:

                    1) Evil ppl.

                    2) Rude ppl.

                    3) Muggers. (It's illegal to spray someone with OC in Canada - Don't make me!!! )

                    4) Junkies. (see 'Muggers')

                    5) Panhandlers (see 'junkies' & 'muggers')

                    6) Ppl who don't 'share' the road with cyclists. (try to kill them) - (This is freaking dangerous! I don't want to die!)

                    7) Idiots who crowd the subway train doors preventing ppl from getting off the train! (Note: @ Younge/Bloor stn. they announce on the Younge platform to let passengers exit the train - most ppl listen, but just downstairs on the Bloor line they don't announce and ppl crowd the doors!)

                    8) Ppl who don't rewind rented movies! lazy [email protected]**a*ds! But the worst are the ones who destroy the movies, right at the climax!!!

                    9) Ppl who whine about those 'pigs'!!! *Shut up criminal mastermind! I am not interested in your little plot to destroy civilization by being a total crack-head looser and bothering me about your problem with following the rules! Me not on same wavelength...go away.*

                    10) Gun-control idiots!!!! (Me not interested in passive resistence. Don't tell me how to live my life! If you want to die for some scumbag, fine - Don't make me!)

                    Well. That was fun. I likely have a bunch more!
                    All of god's creatures are entitled to live without fear of "gun violence" except for you and your family. - <a href="http://www.handguncontrolinc.org/selfdefense_quiz.htm" target="_blank">Source</a>


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                      Originally posted by shrill:
                      Originally posted by Sig Kodi:
                      1. Fat women who wear tight shirts and jeans. You don't look good in them and you are embarrassing yourself.

                      No offense but one of my pet peeves is people who direct disproportionate animosity toward heavy people. Of all the hideous things people do I can never understand why we as a society are so angry at fat people. I say wear what you want if I don't like what I see I'll look the other way.
                      the point is that it's not animosity JUST because the person is overweight but the fact that you think you look good in a halter top and tight pants when you look like a big slob.

                      and why don't you try looking clean too. it's bad enough your fat butt is just waiting to pop outta those jeans BUT you look like you havn't taken a bath or washed your hair in a month. not to mention the 5 just as dirty filthy looking brats you have in tow.

                      so how's that??

                      and yes, people who think they are better than everyone else just because they have money. sorry...no money in the world can buy class or grace.

                      and yes, the people who hang out all day at 7-11 or McDonald's who wouldn't think of going inside and asking for job, but yet have the money to stand outside all day and drink coffee.

                      drivers who think that the "merge" sign on the freeway means "hurry up and fly into traffic because you're too stupid to sit and wait to merge safely!!"

                      rap/hip-hop "stars" who think it's cute to grab their nuts, talk about "ho's", shooting cops, doing drugs, living the "gangsta" lifestyle and pandering this **** to kids and then bitch when they are called to the table about their "talent".
                      here's an idea Dr. Cube Ridikqulous Puff Wienie @$$hole, or whatever stupid name you can come up with....go scrub your rappin' @$$!!!

                      people who are interviewed on tv (athletes, rock/rap stars, "faux" celebrities) who have no idea how to put a coherent thought together, make sense, or speak proper English without peppering their statements with "you know, you know, you know" or "F" words every other word, or mangle the English language so bad you have NO idea what the hell they're saying.

                      that's all....for now.

                      [ 02-14-2003, 08:57 AM: Message edited by: nickg ]
                      I'll post, You argue.


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                        They're trying to pretend they are thinner than they are
                        I don't think they're doing that necessarily, but I do think that in thier HEADS they think they look hot! Someone who weighs 250 who wears a halter top and those butcheek shorts has got to have some kind of eyesight problem or doesn't own a mirror. It's like they set themselves up to be ridiculed. Sure, they have a right to wear what they want if they feel like "da bomb" but ya know....don't complain if others sneer at you. If I saw something like this, I'd probably just keep on walking and not even look once (or have a hard time with it), nevermind twice.

                        One thing that is a major downer for obese people is that when you cant "fit" into the hipper younger looking clothing, you're kind of forced to wear old ladies polyester pants/shirts. If you have a poor obese person and they can't afford to go to a pricey pretty plus store to get the nice hip clothing made especially for them, they resort to trying to sqeeze into the biggest regular size they can find so they don't have to walk around looking like grandma. Think about it, I honestly think the style and size of clothing has a lot to do with it.

                        Nick, you crack me up! You're brave and well, ummm, blunt! lol [Wink]
                        "It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."---Robert Strecker


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                          As I have mentioned on the previous post, everyone is special in their own way. Just because you are over-weight doesn't mean that you deserve to be treated in a bad way.

                          It's just that whatever possessed yourself to wear something so tight that looks like as if your skin will pop right out of your pants and look yourself in the mirror and say, "Yea, I look good in this."

                          Mom always said that it is how you dress that gives people the impression of what kind of a person you are.

                          All in moderation is what I'm trying to say.

                          [ 02-14-2003, 09:54 AM: Message edited by: Sig Kodi ]
                          "I pity da foo. Stop yo jibba jabba!!"


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                            I CAN'T STAND OZZIE OSBOURNE! He talks like he has a mouthful of marbles. He sure must have paid someone and awful lot of money to deserve the public relations he has received from the media. President Bush was giving a speech and mentioned Ozzie Osbourne, who stood up like the bumbling fool he his and grinned in the spotlight! GAG!


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                              I love Ozzie! He's not a fool, that's what happens to your brain/body after years of drug and alcohol abuse. One thing is for sure, they might be a dysfunctional family, but they're A FAMILY who loves each other and who sticks together. I think it would be cool to live with the Osbournes for a day.

                              This is funny...the other night I had the Osbournes on in the living room. I left the tv on surround sound so any bit of sound is amplified and at times, is annoying. Well, my children were in their bedrooms and I was doing the dishes. I kept hearing an annoying BEEEEEEEP. It was happening every 10 seconds. Finally I tossed a dish back into the sink, grabbed my towel and left the kitchen yelling, WHAT IS THAT DAMN NOISE!!!!!!? I thought my kids were fooling with one of their games and it was driving me nuts.

                              It was the bleeeep on MTV, everytime there was a swear! lol
                              "It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."---Robert Strecker


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                                I too enjoy watching the Osbournes. Growing up, I didn't watch too much television. I was at a friends house and she the Osbourne show on and I heard Ozzy speak and I was like...."Uhhhhhhh, why is he talking like that?"...I think it's cute...makes me laugh..

                                As Tprspouse mentioned, the show protrays what a family is.

                                Awww, I can't wait till I find my man and get married and make a family. I think it will be the most beautiful thing. Hee, hee...seeing my own little kids running around, laughng and learning. Not to mention that I gave birth in my dream and named my daughter Alina. That must be telling me something..... =)
                                "I pity da foo. Stop yo jibba jabba!!"


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