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If you were a movie producer....


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  • If you were a movie producer....

    If you were a movie producer, which book would you turn into a movie OR which movie would you remake and why?
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    I'll probably think of 2 or 3 more tomorrow, but right off the top of my head:

    "Where Is Joe Merchant" by Jimmy Buffett

    (Not much of a fiction fan, but this one really held me. I'm a sucker for sea plane stories. If I was TV God, "Tales of the Gold Monkey" would still be in production and on prime time. I didn't care for Jimmy's other books.)

    Oh, and "The Marmite Killings" by SGT Dave


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      Delta Force : The Army's Elite Counterterrorist Unit

      by: Col. Charlie A. Beckwith, Retired U.S Army Special Forces(Green Beret)

      It's a true story that shows the failed attempt to rescue our hostages in Tehran, the rivalry and lack of communications between the armed services.
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        'Point of Impact' by Stephen Hunter, with either Sam Elliot or Gerald McRaney in the lead role as 'Bob the Nailer'.

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          Actually, my dream would be a trilogy. "Brules" "The Scout" and "The Legend of the Painted Horse." Just about the best darn western series I've ever read. Of course, the first two would be 3 hour epics just to cover most of the good stuff. It's historical fiction. It's about a guy who guys up to Kansas on a cattle drive, kills his trail boss, goes on the run with a prostitute, gets caught by Comanches, escapes, hunts Comanche for a few years, goes west and messes around, becomes an Army scout with Custer, blah blah. I highly recommend this series to everyone, amazon.com has them.
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            Posted by shooter1201:
            'Point of Impact' by Stephen Hunter, with either Sam Elliot or Gerald McRaney in the lead role.
            Amen! Gerald McRaney!

            I heard once that they were kicking it around in Whorrywood with the notion of putting KEANU REEVES in the role of Swagger.

            KISS MY BIG FAT WHITE HAIRY A**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            That would absolutely poison my views on it-seeing that baby faced actor trying to be Swagger! I guess they think his "big name" would bring viewers in.

            That's like in some of the Jack Higgins books that have been made into movies, the character of Sean Dillon who was short, stocky, muscular, BLONDE, and IRISH (!) was played by Rob Lowe and Kyle MacLaughlin! I don’t know what they’re smoking out there, but it’s got to be some good stuff! (I’m on thin ice with goodgirl-maybe I can hook her up… )
            People have more fun than anybody.


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              Ed Harris would be my choice for "Bob the Nailer".


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                The Han Solo series I read when I was a kid. I was always a big Solo fan, so to see some of his adventures would have been pretty cool.

                There were a couple Luke Skywalker books that did the same thing.

                Oh, my God...did I just admit to being a Star Wars geek!


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                  Without Remorse by Tom Clancy........ pretty much a stand alone from most of the Clancy novels.

                  I'm not sure who I'd have play Clark, but it wouldn't be Willem Dafoe (I like him as an actor, but he wasn't a convincing Clark in Clear and Present Danger).


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                    "one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish" -- Dr. Seuss

                    i smell an Oscar here!!
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                      Unintended consequences. Bruce Willis as the lead character.


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