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  • Olympic Games Open

    Ok, so I'm not thrilled to work the Games...But how 'bout that Opening Ceremony?!! I almost got teary-eyed. I feel all patriot and excited now. I'm sure that I'll lose my enthusiasm tomorrow on the front line with the protesters as I catch rocks and bottles

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    There was no almost to it for me.......when they brought in that flag from the WTC....well, I knew it would happen, so I didn't fight it.

    Also, the 1980 Hockey Team always gets me choked up and I'm not even a hockey fan.


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      That was probably the best opening ceremony I've seen yet.

      The "wave" with the 52K people in the stands was awsome.
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        It was really nice. Proud to be an American. Now we need some Gold Medals. If anything that will inspire the athletes to win it will be this year for the Country.
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          Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the speed skater that was one of the eight bringing out the flag. He has become my new hero. He originally was not going to attend the opening ceremonies because he competes today. He always has to mentally prepare the entire day before. His parents said that he hates it when they call the day before he competes, because it disrupts his mental preparation.

          When his fellow teammates selected him to be one of the flag bearers, he graciously accepted and said that he would be "proud" to do it but also felt "unworthy." He has possibly risked giving up the gold metal just to show an extra appreciation for the victims of 9-11-01 and to proudly display a very special flag. If anyone knows how his competition went today (I believe it was the 1,000 meter), please post the results.



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            So far the protesters have been decent and everyone seems to be having a great time. I patrolled some downtown venues yesterday on foot. It was cold but fun to see the people enjoying themselves. Overall, it's been a better experience than I thought it would be.


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