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    Please give advise for a possible new guy!
    I've already taken the test and I'm waiting for dcas to get back to me.
    I have questions to ask to anyone on the job, here they are in no particular order..

    1) Where are the "good" precincts? What ones should I avoid?(that is if I'm hired!)

    2) Is it better doing patrol or detective work?

    3) Are Long Islanders disliked as much as I've heard? (I've heard a lot!)Guess where I'm from!

    4) Whats the story with comstat? Do they break your balls in order to get arrests down?

    5) CCRB! Do they really take the word of convicts over cops? How bad is this?

    6) Will the Academy schedule be affected by the WTC disaster?

    7) Would you have taken this job if you knew then what you know now?

    Anything else you would tell a new guy, but maybe not in public?

    Ill be watching for any replies daily, thank you for any advise you can give!


    Ill watch for any replies daily, and thank you

    Unregistered User
    (2/2/02 5:57:24 pm)
    Reply Whaaaat?
    Are you for real?

    Expect DCAS to drag their feet. Expect your investigator to lose half your stuff. Expect to get a call at 9pm to report at midnight at the Academy. Expect to stand outside in the freezing cold for three hours waiting to be let in to be processed like a bunch of cattle. And welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life.

    Pcts: Like you get a freaking choice. Buck up and just remember, don't trust anyone.
    Patrol: Guess what newbie -- you don't pick detective work out of the bag kid. Takes a lucky Saturday or a chance parking ticket that pinches the Son of Sam to get you a gold shield.
    LI: Didn't have to guess, as you ooze it. You're clueless like the rest of them.
    Compstat: Yeah, they and the rest of the system break your balls. Get over it.
    CCRB: Yer damn skippy, they and the rest of the public believe the perps over us. Haven't you ever watched tv?
    Academy scehdule: Um, yeah....they'll push more into classes so we'll have more grey shirts to put on traffic details. Oh yea, we have the WTO coming...that's always good for the newbies to jump into.

    My hints: Don't talk. Don't change the radio stations. Get in the car with the FTO and do what you're told. Always listen, and pay attention more.

    I love my job....and wouldn't give it up for the world. Incoming need to understand the cold hard reality that being a part of the biggest family in the world is NOT what you see on TV or read in books -- it's worse LOL You might be thinking this is like the burbs....fluffy Suffolk that gets paid more than the crooked Enron execs did.....but it's not -- it's the NYPD.

    Good luck kid.
    Be Safe Wear Your Vest

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