Do any of you have any experience working with your local Bail Enforcement Agents?

I recently got into the business and have enjoyed it immensely. So far I have caught ten absconders. Eight of those were hard core felons, seven were out on bond on murder charges and one was out on bond for something to do with Al-Qeada, but I'm pretty sure he was really low level. Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

I've been working solo and so far it hasn't presented a problem. Only seven of those eight hard core felons attempted to resist, but my mastery of Tang Sue Do has helped me keep every situation under control. But what I'm worried about is when I have to do a large bust, you know, like when I kick in the door of a house looking for some scrote who jumped bond and him and seven or eight of his buddies are there and they want to try and get some Glockaphile action.

So I want to approach the local LEO's and find out if they are willing to serve as my back up. When I'm fixing to kick in a door it's my scene and I got tactical command of the incident location and all, and the locals would just be serving in a support role should the need arise.

So what I really wanna know is, do you cops mind standing by as back up, just in case a BEA gets into something he might need some help with?

Thanks in advance for any replies.