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And for dinner tonight...


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  • And for dinner tonight...

    ...ground beef seasoned with Chili powder over a bed of lettuce and crumbled spicy pork rinds(hey, don't laugh...if you close your eyes and think really hard, it almost tastes like taco shells and salsa), covered with cheddar cheese and sour cream.

    No, I haven't flipped my guord, I started the Atkins diet Sunday. It's amazing...I can't have a glass of milk, but I can have pork rinds covered with ground beef. I think I could get into this thing!

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    You'll make it! I am having a nice huge piece of steak off the grill, Thanks to the people who will never let my birthday die. I keep getting dinner offers. I have to tell all the main course better be meat.

    Also you will want to try the Big Mac with the sauce no bread, Go to the grocey store deli and tell them you want a lb of roast beef and swiss and this will get you thru some tough times with the lack of choices out there. If i can think of any others that helped me i will let you know. If you can think of any that will help me let me know please. After a year on this diet i ran out of things to eat.
    "To each his own"


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      Give it a week and post again. I'm curious as to how long you can hold out.

      Fresh fruit, bread or twinkies anyone??!!
      "Trust me. I'm from the government, I'm here to help."


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        Some suggestions for you. I went from 270 to 205 on Atkins.

        -Fresh veggies in a pot with a stick of butter

        - A bed of green salad with "maters" of course, Italian dressing topped with grilled flank steak.

        - loafs of rice bread (health food store)

        - four eggs scrambled with chedder cheese, onions, bacon and a stick of butter

        - smoked pork chops with veggies and umm...butter


        Peanuts, Italian hot sausage, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, wasa crackers, roasted Italian peppers.

        I'll dig out the rest.

        Caution: Sometime during the night, usually around 3 am, the fridge will be calling you. Inside is ice cold milk and chocolate syrup begging to be mixed and gulped.

        Don't listen

        Good luck and may you poop more than once a week!

        [ 08-07-2001: Message edited by: Blue23 ]


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          I thought this was a high protein - low carb diet????... sounds like a "high stick of butter diet"...


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            Thanks for the encouragement, guys! So far, so good. Before I started full tilt, I spent the week before gearing up. I kept my bread intake down...usually one exchange a day a pita sandwich for lunch...and cut my soda intake to one in the morning, the rest of the day was water. I even had a half gallon of ice cream(Turtle Tracks), purposely for temptation and only had 4 or 5 spoonfulls(yes, small spoonfuls ). With that combined with the past three days, I've lost about 7 pounds. I know that's not much, but it makes me feel like a million$$$$!

            The menu thing is getting better. I eat a pretty good breakfast to hold me to lunch, then a decent lunch and a somewhat smaller dinner. I found one very important thing...Hooters wing sauce(store bought)...NO CARBS!!!! I can't bread them, but I don't like wings that way very much, anyway!

            I thought this was a high protein - low carb diet????... sounds like a "high stick of butter diet"...
            WW...fats and proteins...GOOD. Carbs and sugars...BAD! I can mix up a bowl of sour cream and butter and suck it down through a straw, but I can't eat the baked it goes on!

            Blue...I'm hearin' ya, brother!


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              I looked into this diet today since I heard so much about it. Of course the fact that I also received notification that my high school reunion is going to be in less than four months has kind of lit the fire under me as well

              I was reading through the restrictions thinking "okay, I can live with that" and then I got to the part that shocked and apalled me!!

              No aspartame and no caffeine!! Can you imagine how inhuman that is? I mean that would mean no Diet Coke. Allow me to repeat that for those that might have missed the shock value the first time around...

              NO DIET COKE!!!

              Can you imagine??? big goose egg on the Diet Coke intake!!!

              That can't be healthy

              [ 08-08-2001: Message edited by: goodgirl ]
              "They want the federal government controlling Social Security like it's some kind of federal program" ~George W. Bush, November 2, 2000


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                LOL, I don't know that much about the diet but it sounds like hell! Well, unless you like butter that is..
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                the one that is won't make you cry. - Anonymous

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                  Congratulations FlLawdog!

                  Goodgirl, Its tough at first, But after a while it turns into a way of life. The fact that i got to go clothes shopping after 5 years was enough to make up for all the sacrifice. Went from a 16 to a 10. And everyday someone asks me if i lost alot weight. This is the best reward. Plus i feel healthier now.
                  "To each his own"


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                    Thanks, ftrphnx.

                    Raychel, it's not really that bad once you get some of your bad habits out of the way. You can actually enjoy the foods you're allowed to eat because you can season them.


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