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OMG! It's too hot out!


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  • OMG! It's too hot out!

    Ok, so it's 10,000 degress outside and doesn't my air conditioner in my house decide to die on me? I am NOT a happy camper right now. I just bought this stinking A/C unit last year. Paid over $500 for it and there's a leak. A leak already? How could that happen when I've only used this thing a few months out of the year?

    Thank God for warranties. I'd be out another $200 to have it repaired and that would seriously tick me off. I'm going to have to roast for a whole week now. I'm dying. God help me. (Ok, so I'm being a bit dramatic, but I hate this humidity!).

    Now comes the hard part...I have to swallow my pride and call my ex to come over. I need his help to get this thing out of the window (it weighs a ton) and into his truck to bring it over to the repair shop.

    I feel better now. Thanks for letting me vent.

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    I'm so sorry, Kaytey

    It's hotter than a volcano here (easily over 100), so I can only imagine what you're going through!

    I'm glad your ex can help you take your unit to the repair shop...but will it really take them a whole week to fix it?! That will be pretty uncomfortable for your whole family.
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      Hiya Blondie,

      Thank you! And yes, at least a week, maybe a little bit longer before it's repaired. I'll be in misery all week.

      On the bright side....well there's...or is it? Wait, I haven't found a bright side yet. Still looking!


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        Ever since I was just a child I have been taught that life is not fair. So far, this Summer is proving the point.

        Here in Western Wa. the heat is nothing more than a 30sec news-bite. It's almost the middle of August and I still have to wear socks in the morning!! Doggone it, I am wearing a sweatshirt right now and am comfortable! Is a single bead of sweat too much to ask for in August?
        We have too little Summer and the rest of the country has too much Summer. It's not fair I tell you! When I grow up and become Weather Master, we will all have 75 degree Summers. Thats a promise.



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          Yep, Very hot and I am too cheap to brake down and buy A/C.
          "To each his own"


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            Whattaya mean it's too hot? It's 70 degrees with a gentle breeze blowing off the bay right now. The humidity is low and the fog is holding just off shore, ensuring the temp won't go much above 75.

            When the East Coast is frozen this winter, ask me about our coastal weather where it only freezes three or four nights a year...
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              Ok, I suppose I should be grateful that my ex came and took the A/C out of the window, took it all the way up to NE Philly (found a place that will have it done in a few days as opposed to a week or two), took the window unit out of his bedroom and put it in mine so it would be cool for me and the kids at night...Ok, truth is, I'm VERY grateful right now! Doesn't mean I still don't think he's a PITA and can't call him my pet names, Idiot and Weenie (he answers to both). Course I won't call him that today. I'll wait until at least tomorrow.


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                Oh, to be too hot, I only wish. Here in northern British Columbia the temperature has barely crawled up into the 20's (Celcius) all summer. I have had to turn on the furnace on numerous occasions and have just layered on more clothes on many other occasions. This is the 3rd year in a row that we haven't had a summer and I am totally sick of it. 2 more years max at this posting and I'm putting in for a more temperate climate further south (same province just better weather). On a more positive note, it is still possible to jog at any time of the day without risking heat prostration, you may fall in a puddle and drown but you won't overheat. Sigh!!


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                  VBrenner: you are so lucky. We used to live in the Bay Area, and the summers were simply beautiful. It never gets too hot in San Francisco...*sigh*. It does however, get too expensive.

                  Here in Sacramento, the heat is MURDEROUS.

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                    IT WAS 104 in sacramento county today
                    I used to live in Lasvegas so I guess it's not so bad.
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                      I KNEW it was about that hot! The radio said it was 99, but it felt hotter than that to me.

                      I grew up in London, then I lived in San Francisco; so this kind of heat is very new to me.
                      [email protected] "Where there is love, there is no imposition"- Albert Einstien.


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                        You'd love it here: Yesterday topped out at 95 and the highs later this week should be around 90. We're having a cool wave (Finally)

                        After the hottest July on record, with 20+ days over 100 degrees

                        Can't wait until October
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                          lol hot is what hot is. I am a polarbear and I hate the heat but I know that it is for a short time before the beautiful weather once again arrives and bathes me in its frosty embrace and the world is right once again. I am still waiting for the global warming to trigger the next ice age so I do not have to worry about the dreaded summer and can have my beautiful winter year round and round and round for a few hundred years woooooohooooooo. Dang I can hardly wait. Hope you have invested in ice skates lol.

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                            Hey Klar, I was in Des Moines last weekend. I used to live there. I lived on 60th st. Not far from the 63rd st. exit off 235.

                            It's freakin hot here in MI too. I almost stroked out yesterday mowing the grass. Poor Katey with no AC. That must suck.
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                              here in western PA, its been 90 degrees or so the last couple of days. now next week i'll be in Phoenix for about 5 days and then i'll be in Seattle for 5 days the week after that...that should be a difference in weather!!!
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