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I have watched my last super bowl.


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  • I have watched my last super bowl.

    Drug users are not responsible for 9-11, no matter what the government says. Maybe Budwieser is, eh?

    How pathetic. I will NEVER watch another super bowl. Murdering fanatical terrorist killers are responsible for the attacks on us, and an impotent, self serving, useless government that wss in power for 8 years and did nothing to bring some of these scum to justice. Add to that a brain washed public that swallows most everything put in on it's plate.

    However, I did think the AK-47 was over priced.

    [ 02-03-2002: Message edited by: MikeTx ]

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    I thought that anti-drug spot was over the top myself, Mike. Kind of a stretch to lay the blame on users even if they did only say that they might be responsible.

    Leave it to you to check the price on the AK!


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      It was quite a stretch. I don't think Bin- Laden needs there money to execute his next act.
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        I'll agree, you have to go a long way to make that connection, nice way to spend our money



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          Most Afghani heroin doesn't make it to North America. Most drug experts will tell you this. The funny thing is heroin exports will go up now that the Taliban are gone.

          Have the government sell drugs and take away the lucrative fundrasing ability of the criminal groups.

          Thank god in Canada we didn't have to see that tripe.
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            I don't know. It wasn't that bad of a Superbowl. I won $25. in the pool. And I was hoping the Rams would lose.


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              I think it is disgusting that so much money was spent on the anti-drug ads during the Superbowl. A complete waste of money and time.

              Of course the fact that they actually had the gall to use September 11 as a tool to further their own agenda especially disgusts me and was probably counter productive.

              Too many people know someone that uses or is addicted to drugs and for them to try to make them sound responsible for the attacks on September 11 is going too far.

              I had really had high hopes that the WTC tragedy would not be exploited for something like this. Maybe they had Jerry Falwell as a consultant

              [ 02-05-2002: Message edited by: goodgirl ]
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