I don't know if anyone has read him or not. I'm taking my last final today (British Medievil & Ren. Drama), but I still have to work six hours in the lab. So last night I went to Borders and picked up a few books -- two of them are by Furst, "The World At Night" and "Red Gold."

Furst writes historical spy novels, set in World War II. I read the first few chapters of "The World At Night" last night (I shoulda been studying, I get all those Antonios confused) -- Germany has invaded Belgium, and a French film producer by the name of Casson finds himself in charge of a war-propaganda team filming the French army marching to the line. Well, the Germans attack, the army is in dissaray, and from the description on the back, Casson is "offered the chance to take part in an operation of the British secret service, [his] idealism gives him the courage to say yes. A simple mission, but it goes wrong, and Casson realizes he must gamble everything - his career, the woman he loves, life itself."

Anyway, this is really good stuff, and you probably won't be dissapointed if you pick up a few of his books. Other titles of his include, "Night Soldiers", "Dark Star", "The Polish Officer" and "Kingdom of Shadows".