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Chemical Agents and female inmates


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  • Chemical Agents and female inmates

    I work in a max female prison. Can anyone tell me where I might find some accurate statistical and/or factual info re: effect of CS & CN on pregnant inmates? Medical staff say it's a no-no, but I would think chems would pose less danger (both to i/m, fetus and staff) than physical force? Can anyone help me out here? [email protected]

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    Sorry I can't help you and I understand what you mean but even with any stactics I think you going to find this hard to implement do to the liability involved.
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      hey, that's an interesting question. Makes me wonder just how many pregnant inmates are there in a max security prison.... I wouldn't think there would be very many... just curious...
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        The one case law example I can think of Involves the Taser on a pregnant inmate. From reading the the summary I believe it will also apply to OC. The case is ALford et al. vs. OSEI-KWASI et al (1992, GA).
        Basically Alford sued the SO for deploying the Taser on her while she was pregnant. OSEI-KWASI(corrections officer) stated he used the Taser to minimize possible injuries to all concerned, including Alford and her unborn child. Appellate Court granted summary judgement in favor of SO and corrections officer.
        The case should be on Tasers website. Hope this helps.

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