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  • Groceries

    How much do you pay for ONE week's worth of groceries? This includes whatever you normally purchase along with your food (ie.shampoo, cigarettes, etc.)

    I am assuming everyone gets paid bi monthly. If so, then give us the cost for the 2 weeks if you happen to buy all your groceries at once.

    I get paid bi monthly along with my husband, but on alternating weeks so I do one week at a time.

    It costs me about $150 a week.
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    Probably about $80 for the two of us.

    Im working hard on putting weight on


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      Usually around $40-$50 per week.
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        Geez, I feel like a pig! I think it must be my kids who eat me out of house and home!
        "It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."---Robert Strecker


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          I split groceries with my girlfriend since I eat at her place most of the time. We buy a lot of bulk and go shopping about every six to eight weeks on average. That's not counting milk, bread and such that doesn't keep. Usually spend about $300.
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            Well, i used to not even grocery shop. But now that i'm eating low-carb, i spend about $100-$125/week (for one person). I buy lots of meats and seafood and that costs money! Oh, and one low-carb candy bar is $1.59 [Eek!]

            It's worth it...but i guess i really should start shopping around and using coupons...
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              I average $40-$60 per week on groceries alone. Lots of produce, meat, etc.

              I also have a bad habit of stocking up on canned goods. I've probably got enough stored right now to live on for a month!

              I love to cook, too, so not much goes to waste, either. (Usually some of the fresh produce, if anything).

              That doesn't include cigarettes, either.

              That's a whole 'nuther story in itself.

              I really need to quit, but can't find the motivation right now. [Frown]
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                I go to Zehrs about 2 times a month and spend about 200 dollars each time. Thats about 140 US.


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                  I spend about $80/week of food for just myself. Of course that is in CDN dollars.
                  I eat about 5 times a day too.

                  And no I don't over eat. Less portions more often increase metabolism. Great for body builder types (me), and those trying to loose weight.
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                    My wife and I spend about 60-80 dollars a week...occasionally, it will shoot up dramatically, if we find ourselves running low on those necesseties that we buy in bulk...TP, Shampoo...the non-food items.

                    I figure we're pretty average, actually...
                    I haven't felt this good since we stole the 2000 elections!--Ned Flanders


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                      about $80 a week
                      Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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                        I'm a coupon shopper and I also use my Ralph's card (a supermarket chain here in San Diego County) or my Von's card (a club card they scan when you make purchases). I go through the sale papers, pick out what I want to buy, go through my coupons, make my list and go shopping. Yesterday's grocery bill? Before coupons and Ralph's club card, it was 104 and some change. Afterward, it was 54 and some change. That's for my husband and me for two weeks (aside from picking up fresh veggies and the like through the next two weeks).
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