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Who Hikes or Backpacks?


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  • Who Hikes or Backpacks?

    I was getting some links together for a PM to a board member, and it's "putting me in the mood." (NO, not THAT mood!) Backpacking for me is the ULTIMATE stress reducer, and I look forward to it. I didn’t get to do ANY “overniters” during 2001, but I WILL see to it this year. Even a long day hike will give me a “fix.”

    I ONLY go hiking during the fall, winter, and early spring. I'm blessed with some beautiful (IMHO) areas to go. I'll post some links at the bottom.

    Who hikes or backpacks, and where are some of your favorite places to go, and where is your most remarkable place you've been?

    Internal frame or external frame pack? I'd love to see some "gear tips and tricks" too.

    Here are some of my “haunts”:

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    People have more fun than anybody.

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    I do. Here's my other 'home':
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      I go packing and "primitive" camping on occasion. Mostly in the Ozark Mountain range and in the Hurricane Creek Wilderness area. One can spend days there without seeing another human. We go during hunting season and eat what we shoot or catch . Beautiful scenery, lots of crystal clear creeks ,bluffs and lots of critters to eat. One need no go ther ewithout a gun due to the large bear poulation. Havent had to shoot one in self defense yet, but its been close a couple of times.
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        Hey SGT Dave

        I could recommend a few good trails.
        If you're up my way this summer, look me up.

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          I LOVE to backpack when I get a chance. I mostly stick to the few trails we have here.Backpacking is a sress reducer for me too it seems to "loosen" me up from all the running, work, college etc... I use a Eagle Industries Becker Patrol Pack for the trails with various other items.


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            Backpacking is always fun and is a very good stress reliever. Alas, I have not been able to do it since I left the military but someday I hope to once again get a pack and teach kids how to hick and survive in the wilderness. I think the skills one needs to survive out in the middle of no-where is something that everyone can use. You never know what life will deal you and if you have the basic skills to survive then your chances will be much greater.

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              I love to backpack and hike. I always carrymy camera with me and like to get nature shots.

              I don't hike in the winter but I usually start in the Spring if it isn't too muddy and stop in the fall when the leaves are all gone.

              Hocking Hill, Ohio is absolutely breathtaking. There are all kinds fo waterfalls and natural rock formations.

              I've also been to several parks in Ohio. I like to make one day trips on the weekend and go to parks within a 2 hour radius of me.

              Here is a pic of my fav spot in HH, Cedar Falls. This was from my trip last November...

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                Nice photo, Raychel

                I love photographing waterfalls.

                I really need to get a scanner or digital camera.
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                  Awesome spot!

                  Can you say aaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuugggghhhhhhh...
                  People have more fun than anybody.


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                    I havent been hiking/camping in years.
                    The one day trips just dont do it for me. Here is a list of places I have been.

                    1: Hiked across Death Valley. Started at a place called Borax, went down an old mule trail called 21 mule team canyon, from there crossed the valley in the area of Devils Golf Course, and hiked back across the valley in the mud flats. The whole trip lasted 5 days.

                    2: Hiked from the east side of Sunrise Mountain (Las Vegas) through the Gale hills and the Muddy Mountains to the Valley of Fire. Took 3 1/2 days it was a little over 40 miles. Great trip,found some ancient indian wrightings in the Muddy Mountains.

                    3: Hiked in the New York Mountains, that place is west of Searchlight,NV. From a distance it looks like the skyline of a city.

                    4: Numerous trips in the back country of Zion National Park, and on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

                    5: Spent 3 days in the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness south of Libby Montana at a place called Gieger Lakes.

                    I hope to go into the Bob Marshall Wilderness this summer.


                    PS. Spent 2 summers as a wildland firefighter in NW Montana that was a great time. Lots of hiking and over nighters.

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                      Yea i use to think i liked back packing until 01-2902 when our esteem SOT CDR. decided to do a woodland operation ( now this is a guy who has no Military background at all) so needless to say it turned into the damn longest hike up a mountain in The south MTNs that i have ever been. So Sgt.Dave i will not be going hiking wit you bro>>hahahahahahahha..


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                        To hike where i live you have to drive way to the edge of the state. I would love to go but its time consuming. And i would rather run.
                        "To each his own"


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                          I respectfully disagree with my fellow Arizonan. 'Zona has some of the best hiking around. Check out

                          My favorite hike: Mount Baldy wilderness in the White Mountains.

                          Man do I want to go now!!!!
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                            I stand corrected. Its ok to disagree KC, I just meant the trails and mountains other then Squaw peak, and South Mountain are kinda far for me to enjoy. I live right in the middle of the valley, thats all. I like to run and its easier to just throw on some running clothes and head out. Be done in an hour and come home witha whole day still to do other things like concerts and such. I like camping but am terrified of outhouses. So i am kind of not into the hiking thing either.
                            "To each his own"


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                              Nothing brings me back to "whats important in life" then a walk in Northern Ontario, Huntsville especially. Hiking amongst nature clears the mind and restores the soul! Wish I could do it more often!


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