ok we have TOP BRASS coming out of our ears - but think of ONE, just one, that you would gladly buy a drink

IS THERE ONE, that you would see in the street one day and say "hello Sir! What are you having, the bar is THIS way!"

for the Metropolitan Police I nominate Commander Brian Paddick check out the AWESOME photo of this geezer

how can I get a piccie like that? I love that photo, but the guy himself? well he has had a somewhat colourful career

SUSPENDED for allowing cannabis use in his premises, after his gay lover sought "revenge" at the end of the "relationship"

but somehow he battled through that and is still a Commander in the Met

he went on a forum called 'urban75' with the username "TheCommander" and told the ppl of Lambeth what was what

the bloke somehow impresses me and intrigues me too, check out that website, they too seem slight enamoured with Brian Paddick, Brixton Cop extraordinaire (he's no longer AT Brixton more's the pity )

which TOP BRASS do you RATE??