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  • I Love Pot Heads

    I was working closing at the independent pizza place I work at. Slow night, and by about 9:30 I had the store swept, and the back mopped. Phone rings, I pick it up, dude wants delivery. Pretty clear he's "under the influence" ... first he wanted six orders of wings, then six orders of mozz sticks ...

    ... after about ten minutes of telling him, "we're out of this" and "we're out of that" (we're closed on Sunday and we didn't get our Friday delivery, so we're kind of screwed until Monday), he finally orders two large pizzas and four six-packs of soda.

    So I ring him up, hang up, we make the food. Ooops, I rang him up wrong -- I forgot to charge him for two of the six-packs. I make the change (from $38 to $44), bag up the run, and take it. He's about two miles north in Loveton. I get there, he runs OUT of his building and is helping me unload my car. Which is sort of cool. I explain to him that I messed up on the pricing and he starts giggling and laughing, says "hey, that's cool", and gives me $55 bucks. Takes the stuff into his townhouse, and as I'm walking away, he's bragging loudly to his friends about how he got two six-packs for free (which is really bugging me because I said, "Yeah, I gave you the wrong price on the phone, it's $44, not $38", which I guess he somehow decided meant I didn't charge him for two of the six-packs).

    Anyway, he'll probably wake up in the morning, and wonder where all his money went. Answer: my bank account (well, the $11 of it that was my tip).

    Of course, my best "pot head" story is when I took a delivery to one of the numerous apartment complexes in Cockeysville. I always joke with the customer when they open the door, "Hi, your total is $400." Most people laugh me off and make a joke about writing me a check. These guys actually freaked out and started putting it together -- "Duuuuuude, we need $400 bucks man, plus a tip duuuude!" Anyway, I told them I was just joking. That one always makes me smile, though.

    [ 05-18-2003, 12:08 AM: Message edited by: CrazyinaJeep ]

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    Sounds like you made an assumption over the phone, and then used you obvious bias to take advantage of someone. Way to go.


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      The assumption I made on the phone was backed up by the rather strong odor of marijuana at his doorstep.

      If he wants to order two pizzas and four six-packs of soda, who am I to tell him "no, you're not sober?" I charged him regular price, and informed him of my mistake regarding the price I originally told him.

      I fail to see how I'm taking advantage of him. I also fail to see what the "bias" is you're talking about.

      However, if you're worried that I'm not being "politically correct" I also enjoy recieving tips from crack-heads, beer fiends, and nut-cases.

      [ 05-18-2003, 12:48 AM: Message edited by: CrazyinaJeep ]


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        A car mechanic speaking about ethics? What is the world coming to?!! [Wink]
        Concerning the difference between man and the jackass: some observers hold that there isn't any. But this wrongs the jackass.
        -Mark Twain


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          I have more ethics in my business than you can ever know. I can't count the number of people I have sent down the road that had no transmission problem, but instead had a minor fuel or other problem I could have easily fixed and said I fixed the trans instead.


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            Yes ma'am.


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              Thank you Scratchy

              Mike - I could easily make a lot more money if I didn't inform people who paid with credit card that if they give me a tip in cash, then putting that same amount down on the credit card slip in the "tip" section will indeed double my tip. Most people do not understand this, and think that part of the form is there for them to record the cash tip they gave. Silly people.


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                Pizza Delivery is the most entertaining job in the world.

                I can't count the number of times I stood in the door watching a couple of intoxicated college students hunt around for change for my tip

                Or the time I knocked on the door, a male voice said "come in" and I walked in on he and his lady friend...entertaining themselves..."Just leave the pizza on the table there...take the twenty..."

                Or the time they swore up and down I had delivered the wrong pizza, and wanted the one I had for nothing...and when I refused, started hunting for the shotgun... [Eek!]

                One job I'm glad I quit.
                I haven't felt this good since we stole the 2000 elections!--Ned Flanders


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                  <loonnnnnnggggggggg inhale> <cough, hack hack, cough> man, i can't even type right now to reply back dude!! got any doritos???
                  I'll post, You argue.


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                    Sure ... $8, plus tip.


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