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What would your own Web Site be about if you could have one done for free!


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  • What would your own Web Site be about if you could have one done for free!

    If you could have your own personal Web Site designed and completed free of charge what would your site be about? (unless you already have one)

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    Only $39.95 a month, billable by Credit Card!

    (And yes I did check to make sure it wasn't an actual porn site before I posted that link )

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      Who would that be about, Spec?


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        I do have a site, it's not up right at this moment. It's just a personal site, with alot about music on it. I also have my LE site, and I created sites for 2 different non-profit agencies.

        I wish i could make enuf money at it to do it for a living, cuz i love doing it.
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          I'd like one to be able to sell my drawings and my beadwork.


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            I would create one for my family so that any of my relatives would be able to keep in contact with me if they so desired. I would also have a webcam on it.

            Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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              One of mine.
              The other

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                Probably a page with links to all my hobbies.

                I'm too security concious to post photos or personal stuff.

                Shooting related stuff
                Backpacking related stuff

                People have more fun than anybody.


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                  I'll put a live webcam of my patrol (uncensored unlike "Cops!")!



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                    Mine would be inspirational methods,stories, and ideas for the person trying to complete life goals.
                    "To each his own"


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                      I ordered that Special Edition book on wonderwoman. In Canada they have the sets for 64 dollars and a more collectible one for around 135 dollars. Costly, but I WANT THAT DOLL!! (of course I won't be able to take it out of the package!)

                      Thanks for the info! I would have missed it!


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                        If I owned a Domain site and could have it done for free I would design a German shepherd site because I just love those shepherds! I own 1 and ever since I got him he changed my life! I use to get into trouble and smoked Pot and etc. etc. etc. but ever since i got him he changed my mine and i don't do all of that stuffs anymore and hopefully I'll get him into sar or possible and hopping to be apart of the K9 unit, back to the domain site, i would add lots of links (that goes with the subject) and Pictures of my Dog ( ) and other 1s that I think are beautiful!
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                          If I had the time,

                          I definitely would have a website dedicated to "weather satellites"

                          Like the GOES and NOAA weather satellites. And have links to all the manufactuers that make the equipment for GVAR, WEFAX, APT and HRPT. And, I would have pictures of my own equipment. Along with plans to build weather receivers and preamps and antenna's.

                          My website would have daily updated pictures of the earth's weather (which would be taken with my own equipment). Especially during hurricane season! And downloads of software programs to track the satellites, and with updated elements.

                          Plus, a link to the "weather satellite operations" website. And update's on when new satellites are going up.

                          And also links on how the satellite work.
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                            Wonderwoman, Is your currency the same as ours? Because you could get the masterpiece edition doll and book for $49 here. Doll is displayed in front of the book. Also let me know if yours comes with gold armbands because i must of got a misprinted one. Mine has blue ones. And the box specifically says gold.
                            "To each his own"


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                              I design websites as a consultant and as part of my daily job.

                              I have a few personal sites... my design consultant company site, a personal site (not done) that showcases my photography and other hobbies, a site for my town, and a another personal hobby site.

                              I also maintain our local FOP site, my mother's church website and the site belonging to a friend of mine who is a childrens book author.

                              If anyone wants to know how to go about getting their domain, let me know and I will help ya out. It's very cheap nowadays.
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