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Man gnaws off fingerprints...


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  • Man gnaws off fingerprints...

    From CNN...

    PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (AP) -- A Nigerian who authorities said tried to gnaw off his fingertips in jail so he couldn't be identified through fingerprints pleaded guilty to identity fraud Thursday.

    Olugbemia Olusajo, who was identified nevertheless, faces up to five years in prison and is likely to be deported, prosecutors said.

    Olusajo and his wife were arrested last year and accused of setting up bogus credit card accounts using the names and Social Security numbers of clients of their airport cleaning business.

    The scheme netted the couple nearly $145,000 in cash and merchandise, prosecutors said, and also allowed Olusajo to use a false identity to get a $49,000 mortgage.

    Shortly after he was arrested, prosecutors said Olusajo tried to conceal his identity by soaking his fingers in a jail toilet, then chewing away the softened skin.

    He was unsuccessful, according to prosecutors.

    Olusajo has been deported once before, but he re-entered the United States secretly, authorities said.

    His wife pleaded guilty in January and was released on bail. Both will be sentenced later this year, prosecutors said.


    Reminds me of a case in the thirties. Convicted felon has a surgeon cut off the skin of his fingers, and then sew on skin from his sides. He thought that without skin, he'd be totally untraceable.

    He's walking on the street when a local LEO stops him. The cop notices something funny about his hands, the man claims it's natural since birth. Cop doesn't believe him, brings him down to teh station.

    They get dental records, ID the guy, and discover he's wanted elswhere. Not having prints made it easier to figure out who he was.

    I haven't felt this good since we stole the 2000 elections!--Ned Flanders

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