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mentally ill child abuse


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  • mentally ill child abuse

    There is a situation here in my town that is really starting to irk me. We have this totally crazy woman with a six year old daughter. Mary is diagnosed paranoid schizo and believes that the mormons, the 9/11 terrorists, the catholics, the domestic violence people (long story), and others are trying to kill her. She is always calling reporting alleged harassment by these groups. Mary won't take her meds and she can't be involuntarily committed unless she is suicidal or tries to physically hurt someone. The problem is that this psychosis is starting to wear off on the six year old girl as she was telling me similar things to mom. I and several other cops have made requests to health and welfare to get that child out of there before its too late but because the child is being fed and not physically abused they say they are powerless. I've considered going to the media but I can probably kiss my job goodbye if I do because we aren't allowed to talk to the press and my chief hates me already.

    Any suggestions?

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    In California, child abuse investigations have two prongs. You have the LE angle, and the CAS (Child Abuse Services).

    If you can't get anything from your social workers, how about your district attorney? Or the state?

    Perhaps there ISN'T anything that can be done, but at least you will know that you tried.
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      It's frustrating but if Don's idea doen't work I can't think of anything else to do. It's ashame that something has to happen to the child before anything is done.
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        This is terrible emotional abuse on this por child. I think Don's suggestion is good. If a DA investigator gets involved in it, there's a good chance something can be done, I would think. Do you have an anonymous child abuse line? Maybe if you and several others called, something could be done.


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