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Ann Coulter - rant


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  • Ann Coulter - rant

    If you don't know who I'm talking about she is an ultra right wing talk show / columinist. She made the rounds yesterday on all the radio and T.V. talk shows promoting her new book: "Slander - liberal lies blah blah"

    One of her main points is how liberals always resort to name calling of conservatives by calling the nazi's, homophobes, etc. She is pretty much right as that does seem to happen all the time. But what got me so irked was her zeal in saying that conservatives don't do the same thing. She puts conservatives on a pedestal who never resort to this. Bullpuckey!!!!!!

    I'm a moderate (yes I really am) with both liberal and conservative views. But when I express my liberal views on the following I usually get called as follows:

    1) I'm pro drug legalization so I always end up getting called a pothead, doper, etc even though I've never done an illegal drug in my life.

    2) I'm pro abortion so I get called babykiller and murderer. But the conservatives never listen long enough to find out why I'm pro abortion. Its because right now our country couldn't handle it if abortion was outlawed. How many millions of abortions are there a year. If women are forced to have those babies our already overcrowded adoption lists will explode with unwanted minority babies. More babies will be neglected and abused. I would like for the country to work to a point where abortion is minimized through birth control and such. Right now I see abortion as mercy killing.

    I could go on but my point is that both sides seem to resort to this kind of name calling in order to avoid real discussion of the issue.

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    I am pro-choice (saying you're "pro-abortion" seems wrong, because I don't enjoy the abortion itself, just the ability of the woman to decide). I have different reasons, and to be honest, most pro-"life" people are hypocritical.

    In fact, I'm a huge liberal overall.


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      I am pro choice as well. You have a choice whether to screw or not.


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        I feel bad for you, caring about a non-living blob of cells that can't process thought.


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          Ixnay on the abortion debates. They always turn into flame wars. I only put my view in to show that my eventual goal is the same as as the anti - abortion movement, my methods are just different and I was trying to show that most conservatives won't listen long enough without resorting to babykiller talk to find that out.


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            I think that all poloticians throw mud at each other to try to make them look better than the other choice. If we actually sat down and thought about it we as a people could oust every polotician and place someone new into congress this might send a message that hey it is us who has the power and to stop playing games with our monies. But then again I doubt that the common sheeple would ever figure that out.

            Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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              Besides, people are stupid. Not that I support this, but I heard the quote "Democracy is the equivalent of running the circus from the monkey cage" (or something along those lines) somewhere.


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                "I feel bad for you, caring about a non-living blob of cells that can't process thought."

                And I feel bad for you that you look at life in that aspect. You were one of those "blobs" once and anyone who has ever directed traffic knows that there are plenty of people with drivers licenses that can't reasonably process a thought.

                Now that we all feel sorry for each other, get back on the topic, minus the personal attacks.


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                  I don't consider it a life, or clearly abortion would be wrong.

                  It's easy to say that those "babies" have souls, and therefore should not be killed. I don't believe in that, though.

                  I think that the sanctity of life comes from our experiences and thoughts, things that fetuses don't have. Even animals can think to an extent, and eating meat is something most anti-choicers do.


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                    Wait until you've experienced your own child growing for 9 months and seen the ultra sounds of them moving, heard their hearbeat, seen them yawn in the womb and any number of the other things that they do......... then get back to me. Until then, it's all just a bunch of theory to you.


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                      When exactly does the baby have a soul? Where is the "soul" requirement written- under law? in a medical book?

                      A newborn responds instinctively to various stimuli. I'm guessing you think that does not count as having a soul, or do you? If it does- what about the day before it was born? At what magical time in or out the mother's womb does it become a baby?

                      Although I would never chose it, I am pro-choice. But it IS a baby no matter what stage of development it is in.

                      I'm guessing you don't have kids.
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                        Ixnay I say, Ixnay. Don't let my stupid thread turn into a pointless abortion debate where no one will change anyone's mind and everyone just gets ****ed and flames.

                        Suddenly I am chilled by finding that I am the one calling for order rather than being one of the flamers or ranters.


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                          i like the ann coulters of the world. it makes me laugh when people like her call the libs to task. all of a sudden they begin to get that "hilary clinton deer in the headlights" looks on their faces and start gettin' the sweaty brow and veins popping out because someone actually had the nerve to question their agendas!!

                          somethings are just like those MasterCard commercials: priceless!!
                          I'll post, You argue.


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                            The biggest problem with Ann Coulter is that she is the right's version of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. Whereas they see racism in every single thing she sees liberal conspiracy in everything.


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                              Coulter is going to be on CrossFire tonight ... facing off against James Carville. This should be good.


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